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I remember being exactly where you are a few years ago, desperate for awakening. After years of learning and practice I now know what it takes to awaken to a life of peace and love

Does This Sound Like You?

“I’ve tried every technique and nothing works”

You’ve tried meditating, mantraing, and every guided visualization out there but still nothing has helped you break into a state of awakening. The Spiritual Awakening Accelerator teaches you real proven techniques for breaking into greater consciousness step by step. Many of the techniques I teach cannot be found with a just simple YouTube search.

“I’ve glimpsed awakening, but I can’t seem to fully get there”

Not everything can be rushed, but awakening can happen sooner than you believe is possible. If you’ve had a glimpse of awakening or a profound spiritual experience then you know awakening is sitting right in front of you! It’s your consciousness that simply needs to shift to access it. The Spiritual Awakening Accelerator will show you exactly how to subtly shift your awareness to access this reality shattering new paradigm.

“I don’t know anything about awakening but I’d like to wake up!”

The Spiritual Awakening Accelerator was created with beginners in mind. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned spiritual seeker, this challenge will help you break into greater consciousness. I’ll explain the awakening process and each technique step by step through guided videos so you can’t mess it up.

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Specific Techniques

I teach you real, tested, and proven techniques that I have personally used to achieve multiple types of awakenings.

7 Daily Lessons

Each of the 7 daily lessons are set up to teach you a new aspect of awakening. Every daily module has a specific lesson and guided meditation to bring you into greater consciousness.

Lifetime Access

Come back to any video, meditation, or lesson at any time for the rest of your life. Any updates or later additions you’ll have full access to.

Exclusive Community

You won’t be on your own! Gain access to a deep community of like minded spiritual seekers in the members only forum. I respond daily to posts and questions posted in the community forum.

2 Bonus Modules

I’ve added 2 bonus modules “The Art of Sexual Transmutation” & “The Basics of Pranayama Practice” to help rocket your spiritual awakening journey.

7 Daily Lessons + 2 Bonus Modules

To Take You Step By Step Into Greater Consciousness

⮞ Day 1: Spiritual Awakening 101

Day 2: Awareness & Presence

Day 3: Connecting With Source Directly

Day 4: Going Beyond The Body

Day 5: Awakening To Infinite Love

Day 6: Mastering Your Kundalini

Day 7: Shifting Into 5D And The New Earth

 Day 1: Spiritual Awakening 101

 Day 2: Awareness & Presence

 Day 3: Connecting With Source Directly

 Day 4: Going Beyond The Body

 Day 5: Awakening To Infinite Love

 Day 6: Mastering Your Kundalini

 Day 7: Shifting Into 5D And The New Earth

When You Join Today, You’ll Also Get These Awesome Bonuses

Sexual Transmutation

Learn the ancient practice of Brahmacharya to harness your sexual energy. Learn how to transmute raw sexual energy into a potent inner catalyst for awakening. Combining the previous modules with sexual transmutation can truly rocket your spiritual growth.

BONUS MODULE 2: The Basics
Of Pranayama Practice

Your breath is an incredible tool for awakening. Learn how to properly use your breath to move and expand energy in the mind and body. Pranayama has been practiced for thousands of years to tap into greater consciousness. This module will show you exactly how to practice pranayama.

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