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Meditating While High: How to Use Marijuana With Meditation
Look, we’ve all been there. You took an edible, but you forgot you still need to get your 10 minutes of meditation in for the day. Now you’re wondering if meditating under the influence of...
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Can You Meditate With Your Eyes Open?
According to a recent poll of 137 meditators only 10% of them regularly meditate with their eyes open.According to this pool, meditating with eyes open appears to be an uncommon practice but some...
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How to Use Incense For Meditation
Incense has been around for as long as humans have had fire. One of the most effective ways to enhance your meditation experience is by burning dried aromatic plants and items (also known as incense)....
How to Transform Your Life With Meditation
What if I told you there was just one practice you could implement for only 10 minutes a day that could completely change your life. Yep you guessed it, meditation is the practice I’m talking about....
Leg/Foot Numbness During Meditation? What You Need to Know
Have you ever meditated for a few minutes only to be met with your foot falling asleep? Well you’re not alone, according to a recent poll of 34 meditators nearly 71% of them have experienced foot...

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