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Best Meditation COurses of 2024
7 Best Meditation Courses For Beginners in 2024
Meditation is the foundation of healthy and happy mind. It’s the gateway to higher consciousness...
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meditation vibrations
Body Vibrations During Meditation: Causes & Explanation
Vibrations, humming, tingles, and buzzing in the body are to be expected at different times on your meditative...
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heart racing meditation
Why Is My Heart Racing During Meditation?
If you’ve experienced a racing heartbeat during meditation you know it’s not very pleasant....
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7 Best Meditation Teacher Training Certifications of 2024
Don’t forget to take the free quiz at the end of this article to find out which certification is...
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What Is Strong Determination Sitting in Meditation?
Strong determination sitting is one of the most powerful and potent forms of meditation for spiritual...
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How Long Should You Practice Transcendental Meditation?
Transcendental meditation is a form of meditation pioneered by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that uses a sound...
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Transcendental Meditation: How To Do It
Transcendental meditation is a newer form of meditation developed in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi....
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Vipassana Meditation: How To Do It
The greatest and oldest meditation technique for spiritual growth is vipassana meditation. The serious...
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Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is & How To Do It
The most basic form of meditation practice is simple mindfulness. Mindfulness is the core of all other...
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Seeing Colors During Meditation? What It All Means
Have you noticed strange colors, visuals, or patterns during your meditation practice?During deep...
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meditating with music
Can You Meditate With Music?
Can you meditate while listening to music? Why would you even want to use music with meditation?You...
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Is Meditation Pointless?
The Buddhists have a famous saying,“Zazen is good for nothing” – Kodo Sawaki...
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Why Are My Ears Ringing During Meditation?
If you’ve experienced ringing in your ears you know that it’s not an enjoyable experience....
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Meditation With Pets: How to Meditate With a Distracting Pet
Does your dog get confused when you meditate in front of them? Maybe your cat can’t keep away from...
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Meditating While High: How to Use Marijuana With Meditation
Look, we’ve all been there. You took an edible, but you forgot you still need to get your 10 minutes...
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eyes open
Can You Meditate With Your Eyes Open?
According to a recent poll of 137 meditators only 10% of them regularly meditate with their eyes open.According...
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How to Use Incense For Meditation
Incense has been around for as long as humans have had fire. One of the most effective ways to enhance...
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How to Transform Your Life With Meditation
What if I told you there was just one practice you could implement for only 10 minutes a day that could...
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Leg/Foot Numbness During Meditation? What You Need to Know
Have you ever meditated for a few minutes only to be met with your foot falling asleep? Well you’re...
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Everything You Need For The Ultimate Meditation Setup
I began meditating back in early high school. Developing a meditation practice has helped me grow into...
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meditating while fasting
The Benefits Of Fasting And Meditation
Meditation and fasting are two practices that have been used for centuries to promote physical, mental,...
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meditating in the car
Can You Meditate While Driving?
The average American spends 52.2 minutes driving to and from work everyday. That’s 26 minutes you...
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7 Best Meditations
7 Best Types of Meditation: Which is Best For You?
Take the free meditation quiz at the end to see what type of meditation is best for youYou’ve...
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Struggling To Meditate? 7 Common Issues And Their Solutions
Meditation is great right? Until you end up cross-legged on the floor stressing yourself out over not...
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8 Steps For a Great Guided Meditation
How To Lead a Great Guided Meditation
Guided meditation has been shown to provide numerous benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep,...
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