What stage of Your Spiritual Journey are you in?

What stage of your
Spiritual Journey are you in?

Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your journey.

Awakening Techiques

how to have an awakening
How To Have Your First Spiritual Awakening (Beginner's Guide)
If you’re reading this you likely feel called to pursue a spiritual inner journey. Spiritual awakening...
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spiritual fasting
Fasting For Spiritual Awakening (How To Fast For Breakthroughs)
If you’re on the journey to awakening you’re likely trying all kinds of techniques and practices....
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How To Awaken Through Self-Inquiry Meditation
One of the most well known meditation techniques for spiritual awakening is self-inquiry, known in the...
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awakening meditation
How To Meditate For Spiritual Awakening
Meditation has long been held as an important practice for spiritual growth. The earliest known evidence...
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what causes spiritual awakening
11 Causes Of Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening is one of the most mysterious and elusive events a human can have. Perhaps you’ve...
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