Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your journey.

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spiritual awakening fatigue
Spiritual Fatigue: How To Overcome Exhaustion After Awakening
You started your spiritual journey to make your life fuller and more expansive, but for some reason all...
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how to have an awakening
How To Have Your First Spiritual Awakening (Beginner's Guide)
If you’re reading this you likely feel called to pursue a spiritual inner journey. Spiritual awakening...
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spiritual fasting
Fasting For Spiritual Awakening (How To Fast For Breakthroughs)
If you’re on the journey to awakening you’re likely trying all kinds of techniques and practices....
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How To Awaken Through Self-Inquiry Meditation
One of the most well known meditation techniques for spiritual awakening is self-inquiry, known in the...
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stop awakening
Can You Stop A Spiritual Awakening?
Not all spiritual awakenings are full of bliss and glory. Sometimes our awakening experience can end...
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spiritual wieght loss
Weight Loss During Spiritual Awakening? Yes, It Happens
If you’re having a spiritual awakening and you recently started losing weight there might be more...
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muslim spiritual awakening
Spiritual Awakening as a Muslim? Yes, It's Possible
If you’re a Muslim curious about enlightenment, mysticism, and direct God consciousness you may...
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ego death
Ego Death: The Awakening To No-Self
If you’re in pursuit of spiritual awakening and enlightenment you’ve likely come across the...
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spiritual awakening depression
Spiritual Awakening Depression: Why It Happens & How To Overcome It
Spiritual awakening can be a beautiful and transformative experience, but it’s not always easy....
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Shaktipat: How A Guru Can Cause Spiritual Awakening
Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term that refers to the process of spiritual awakening caused by a guru. This...
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is awakening actually real
Is Awakening Actually Real? (Or Just Spiritual Fiction)
If you’ve been exploring spirituality or the self-help world, you’ve likely come across the...
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The Spiritual Awakening Diet (What To Eat & What To Avoid)
You may be wondering if it’s possible to optimize your diet for spiritual awakening.If you’re...
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5 Best spiritual awakening courses
6 Best Spiritual Awakening Courses of 2024
If you’re a spiritual seeker you may be in search of a course that will teach you all you need...
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spiritual awakening anxiety
Spiritual Awakening Anxiety: Why It Happens & How To Overcome It
Spiritual awakening is often thought of as a glorious and mystical event full of bliss and happiness....
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appetite spiritual awakening
Appetite Loss After Spiritual Awakening? Here's Why
Appetite changes are very common among people who have recently experienced a spiritual awakening.When...
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how long spiritual awakening
How Long Does Spiritual Awakening Take?
Are you getting a bit antsy for the spiritual results of your meditations, visualizations, and spiritual...
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7 Major Types of Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening has an air of secrecy around it. What does it really mean to have a spiritual awakening?...
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young enlightenment
Spiritual Awakening At A Young Age? Yes, It's Possible
Enlightened master Sri Ramana Maharshi became enlightened at just 16 years of age in 1896. There are...
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kundalini dangerous
Is A Kundalini Awakening Safe?
If you’ve heard the horror stories of people experiencing Kundalini syndrome and being sent to...
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kundalini syndrome
Kundalini Syndrome (7 Negative Side Effects of Kundalini)
Activating kundalini has become somewhat of a fad in the spiritual space. Though Kundalini awakening...
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awakening meditation
How To Meditate For Spiritual Awakening
Meditation has long been held as an important practice for spiritual growth. The earliest known evidence...
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What is Kundalini Awakening? (9 Signs & Symptoms)
Being able to awaken and harness your Kundalini has been a well sought after ability for spiritual seekers....
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Untitled design - 2023-08-17T091933
How Many People Are Spiritually Awake? (Statistics)
Determining the amount of spiritually awakened people in the world is a tricky endeavor because “spiritually...
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triggers kundalini
What Triggers A Kundalini Awakening?
A Kundalini awakening can be an incredibly intense and life changing experience. If you’re currently...
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what causes spiritual awakening
11 Causes Of Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening is one of the most mysterious and elusive events a human can have. Perhaps you’ve...
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can't sleep
Can't Sleep After Spiritual Awakening? Here's Why
The night of my kundalini awakening I laid in my bed eyes wide open, heart racing, completely unable...
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awakening vs enlightenment
Awakening Vs. Enlightenment: What's The Difference?
If you’re a spiritual seeker you’ve probably heard the terms “awakening” and...
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how many awakenings
Can You Have Multiple Spiritual Awakenings?
If you’re on the spiritual path and have had an awakening, you might be wondering how many awakenings...
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spiritual awakening hard
Struggling With Spiritual Awakening? Why It Can Be Lonely & Hard
Have you ever felt like as you pursued your spiritual journey no one else understood what you were going...
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what is a spiritual awakening 2
What Is Spiritual Awakening? (Causes, Stages, & Symptoms)
My life fundamentally changed the moment I had my first spiritual awakening. I realized the truth that...
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Untitled design - 2023-07-31T185530
Is a Kundalini Awakening Permanent?
The question of whether a Kundalini awakening is permanent or temporary is a complex one, as experiences...
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Untitled design - 2023-07-29T094916
What is a Top Down Spiritual Awakening?
A top down kundalini awakening is when divine kundalini energy awakens in one of the upper most chakras...
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Untitled design - 2023-07-28T131807
How to Handle an Unexpected Kundalini Awakening
Kundalini energy is some of the most powerful and profound energy your body can contain. I know this...
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Free church photo, public domain religion CC0 image
Spiritual Awakening As A Christian? Yes, It's Possible
If you’re a Christian interested in mysticism, enlightenment, or direct consciousness of God you...
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Spiritual Awakening: What Stage Are You In? (Quiz)
Take the free spiritual journey quiz below to find out what stage you’re at.Spiritual awakening is...
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signs of awkaenign
20 Signs & Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening is a term used to describe a profound shift in consciousness and newly found increase...
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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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