What stage of Your Spiritual Journey are you in?

What stage of your
Spiritual Journey are you in?

Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your journey.

Types of Spiritual Awakening

ego death
Ego Death: The Awakening To No-Self
If you’re in pursuit of spiritual awakening and enlightenment you’ve likely come across the...
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Shaktipat: How A Guru Can Cause Spiritual Awakening
Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term that refers to the process of spiritual awakening caused by a guru. This...
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7 Major Types of Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening has an air of secrecy around it. What does it really mean to have a spiritual awakening?...
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What is a Top Down Spiritual Awakening?
A top down kundalini awakening is when divine kundalini energy awakens in one of the upper most chakras...
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