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Spiritual Fatigue: How To Overcome Exhaustion After Awakening

You started your spiritual journey to make your life fuller and more expansive, but for some reason all you feel is tired. This is not what you signed up for. Spiritual awakening can be taxing for many reasons leaving you beyond tired. Why does this happen and how can you overcome spiritual fatigue? Let’s find out. Key Takeaways What is Spiritual Fatigue? Spiritual fatigue is a phenomena experienced by many spiritual seekers who have a spiritual awakening. Spiritual fatigue is the experience of exhaustion after spiritual awakening. The deep inner transformations that happen during awakening use a ton of mental and physical energy. This profound shift in your being can leave you drained for days. This can happen for many reasons. Spiritual Fatique Symptoms Not sure if you’re experiencing spiritual fatigue after awakening? Here are the signs and symptoms of spiritual fatigue: Spiritual awakening affects the mind, body, and soul. All three of these get tired after lots of engagement. Why Spiritual Awakening Can Be Exhausting There are many reasons why spiritual awakening can cause you to feel exhausted including: Dealing with past traumas Awakening may bring up traumas to be dealt with. The experience of processing and healing those traumas can be extremely emotionally taxing. The rising of traumas can also play a large part of the dark night of the soul and spiritual depression. To overcome this experience you must dive head first into those traumas to dissolve them. This will take a lot of mental and emotional energy out of you. Spiritual awakening insomnia Spiritual awakening can be such a powerful experience that it causes you to loose sleep. You mind and body can really suffer with a loss of sleep from awakening. You may be suffering from insomnia due to spiritual awakening anxiety from an difficult awakening. Your insomnia could also be caused by your mind and body being filled with divine energy. Intense bodily energy surges In a particular type of awakening known as a kundalini awakening, an intense divine energy awakens in the body. Though at first you may be filled too much energy, the awakening of kundalini can leave the body feeling exhausted afterwards in some cases. In all of these cases the mind, body, and soul can all become drained leaving you feeling utterly fatigued. see also why spiritual awakening can be a difficult experience. How To Overcome Spiritual Fatigue Can’t seem to catch your breath after awakening? Let’s dive into how we can recover from spiritual fatigue after awakening. Sleep! The best thing to do if you’re feeling exhausted after spiritual awakening is to sleep. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest the night after a particularly exhausting spiritual experience. Good old sleep will do the trick most of the time. Grounding Sometimes we can’t seem to calm down and bring our consciousness back to Earth. Even when we’re exhausted our awareness can stay too heightened and may need grounding. There are a few grounding exercises you can practice to bring your consciousness down a notch and finally get some rest. I recommend: These can help bring your consciousness back down to Earth so you can finally get some rest. With time you will recover Eventually you will recover with enough rest. Your spiritual exhaustion won’t last forever and you’ll likely feel back to normal within a few days. During this period make sure to take it easy and get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and drink lots of water. Conclusion Spiritual awakenings can be both profound and tiring. If you’re going through a spiritual awakening you may feel exhausted. Spiritual awakenings can leave your mind, body, and soul feeling like you need some extra rest. This is normal and you’ll likely recover within a day or two.

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Spiritual Awakening Depression: Why It Happens & How To Overcome It

Spiritual awakening can be a beautiful and transformative experience, but it’s not always easy. Many people experience a period of depression during their spiritual journey. This phenomenon is known as spiritual awakening depression and is more common than you might think. There are many reasons why spiritual awakening causes depression which we will dive into today. It’s important to understand that episodes of depression are a normal part of the awakening process which can be overcome with the right approach. Main Points Why Spiritual Awakening Can Cause Depression When you experience a spiritual awakening you are increasing your awareness. This expansion of consciousness can bring a lot of things to the surface. During the awakening process you may be forced to confront your shadow head on. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience depression during this process. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the experience or feeling disconnected from your old way of life. Spiritual Awakening Depression Symptoms Spiritual awakening depression can be identified with a specific set of symptoms. These can include: It is important to remember that everyone’s spiritual awakening journey is different. Don’t compare your experience with others who’s awakening journey unfolded much differently. There is no right or wrong way to come to awakening. Depression During Spiritual Awakening If you are experiencing depression during your spiritual awakening, you are not alone. Many people go through this phase. In fact psychological distress is the #1 cause of spiritual awakening according to recent research on the matter. The fact that you’re going through this phase is a sign that you are going through deep transformation. Common Triggers What is it about spiritual awakenings that can trigger depression in us? Well, there are several reasons this occurs including: Depression As A Sign of Awakening Depression can actually trigger spiritual awakenings believe it or not. There are many sources that say the most likely time you will break into a spiritual awakening is when you are in your lowest points. Being in a high level of suffering forces your psyche into surrender. This state of openness and surrender can lead to consciousness breakthroughs. So if you’re going through a bout of deep depression you may be on the verge of a spiritual awakening. Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the cross named this particular part of the spiritual journey “the dark night of the soul”. This is a period of intense emotional and spiritual turmoil that leaves you feeling lost, depressed, and alone. The dark night of the soul is the bleak period you must go through for the sun to rise in the morning of spiritual liberation. All kinds of difficult emotions and inner demons will come up to be purged during the dark night of the soul. Your job during this dark night is to surrender and allow everything to come up. It’s important that you process what arises without resistance. This can be a deeply painful experience, but it’s crucial to go through to enter the next phase of awakening. How Long Does The Dark Night Of The Soul Last? How long will the dark night last? The dark night of the soul can last as long as it needs to. For some this will only be a few days, while others will go through years of depression. Luckily there are some things you can do to overcome this experience much more quickly. Below is my guide to best overcoming your spiritual awakening depression. Strategies for Overcoming Spiritual Depression If you are experiencing spiritual depression there are some things that are in your control. Here are some things to keep in mind to overcome your spiritual awakening depression. Self-Care Practices First and foremost is maintaining basic self care. Try your best to take care of your mind and body during this difficult period. This basic self care includes: Obviously if you’re going through a depression doing these things will be difficult. Simply try your best on these points everyday and be kind when you fall short. You will thank yourself after your dark night of the soul ends. By taking care of yourself you can also reduce the symptoms of depression that comes along with your awakening. Find A Spiritual Guide Having spiritual support has always helped me advance spiritually. There are so many guides out there who’s entire life is dedicated to helping people in your position. Getting guidance from someone who knows the path to spiritual awakening can make your experience so much more bearable. They will know what to do and how to do it. How do you find a spiritual mentor? Check out the MyGuru spiritual mentor directory to find a guide. When To See A Therapist There are times when your depression can go beyond what spiritual mentor can do to help. For issues of the soul consult a spiritual expert. For issues of the mind see a therapist. If you have pre-existing depression spiritual awakening may exasperate it. For dealing with depression directly you may need a licensed therapist. If you ever have thoughts of suicide during this journey please call the suicide hotline (dial 988) and see a therapist asap. Mindfulness and Meditation One of the most powerful tools to get through spiritual awakening depression is simple mindfulness meditation. Practicing meditation will allow you to observe all of your thoughts and emotions more clearly. Getting clear on what exactly is coming up during your dark night of the soul is an important part in overcoming it. Surrender to The Process By far the most important part of overcoming spiritual awakening depression is surrendering. This may sound counterintuitive, but in many cases resisting your negative emotions may prolong and exacerbate your depression. Allow everything to come up and be seen no matter how painful it may be. This can be particularly challenging for deep traumas that we never want to think about every again. Surrendering

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Spiritual Awakening Anxiety: Why It Happens & How To Overcome It

Spiritual awakening is often thought of as a glorious and mystical event full of bliss and happiness. And yes, that can be true. But the truth is that a spiritual awakening can leave you feeling anxious beyond belief. The path to awakening is NOT as easy and glorious as you might initially think. Yes, the process will eventually lead you to a better version of yourself and a better understanding of reality. But it will also be reality shattering. And let me tell you, reality shattering experiences can be mistaken for reality ending experiences. I’ve spent several sleepless nights dealing with the mind, body, and reality altering effects of spiritual awakenings. If you’re experiencing heightened anxiety from a spiritual awakening know that you’re not alone in this experience. With time you will come back to a normal state of mind. Understanding Spiritual Awakening Anxiety: Normal or Not? Let’s first determine if this is normal anxiety or spiritual awakening anxiety. Anxiety isn’t a single factor phenomena, meaning lots of things can trigger it. Not just spiritual awakening. Anxiety is characterized by: Having just these symptoms alone doesn’t mean you’re going through spiritual awakening anxiety. If you’re already prone to anxiety your spiritual awakening may just be exacerbating already present symptoms. However if you recently had a spiritual awakening and these symptoms are directly stemming from that experience, you’re most likely going through spiritual awakening anxiety. Identifying the Two Types of Awakenings To know how to work through your spiritual awakening anxiety you must know about the two main types of awakening: 1. Consciousness breakthroughs – spiritual awakenings that occur from heightened states of consciousness forcing you to see reality from a completely new paradigm. 2. Energetic awakenings – activation of powerful spiritual energy in our body such as kundalini awakenings and chakra opening. Both of these types of awakenings can cause anxiety. The first type of awakening (consciousness breakthroughs) will most likely cause general feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty over your life and reality. While the second type of awakening (energetic awakenings) can be mistaken for full blown panic attacks. The symptoms of a kundalini awakening and a panic attack are nearly identical: If you believe you’re going through an energetic or kundalini awakening see my guide to handling an unexpected kundalini awakening. Why Spiritual Awakenings May Cause Anxiety ‎ 1. Surges Of Divine Energy Certain types of awakenings can create a lot of divine energy in your body. Energetic awakenings can be incredibly unsettling if you’re not expecting one. The sudden surge of Shakti energy through your body can be an unwelcome surprise to many. Some negative symptoms from this type of awakening include: Learn more about Kundalini Syndrome here. 2. Your Ego Is Dying One of the most terrifying experiences of spiritual awakening is ego death. Ego death is a very common experience during psychedelic use, but can happen for any number of reasons. Your literal sense of self is under threat of death. As you wake up, your ego starts to dissolve. But it won’t go down without a fight. This ego resistance causes fear and anxiety because it does not want to die. It’s important to realize this fear is all an illusion. Once the ego is finished off once and for all there lays only peace, love, and unity. 3. Awakening Can Be Shocking Some spiritual realizations can turn your world upside down. Everything you once thought to be true is now turned on its head. Insights realized from spiritual awakening can be reality-breaking. You may be forced to come face to face with a new reality that you weren’t expecting or even thought possible. These intense perspective shifts can cause a lot of personal and mental distress. 4. Heightened Sensory Perception Spiritual awakenings can put you into a state of high sensitivity. You may be vibrating at such a high level of divine energy that your consciousness is extremely sharp. Sights, sounds, and feelings can become overwhelming as you’re able to tune into every little detail with your heightened awareness. This can easily overload your brain and cause anxiety. 5. Healing Past Trauma Sometimes profound spiritual experiences will bring up past traumas that need to be healed. This is especially the case during difficult psychedelic trips. Though they may be extremely distressing, it is for your greater healing. To transcend into your highest self you need to dissolve many things holding you back. One of these things may be traumas. When traumas arise to be worked with and healed you may feel a lot of anxiety and resistance. See also “Struggling With Spiritual Awakening? Why It Can Be Lonely And Hard” Understanding Psychological Distress and Spiritual Awakening The #1 cause of spiritual awakenings happen to be psychological distress. Spiritual awakenings don’t just happen when we’re happy and cozy in life. They often hit us during our lowest points like a life preserver thrown to a drowning sailor. Spiritual awakening is the mind’s last resort in many cases. Life can get so painful that a break from reality is actually necessary. According to a research survey by Steve Taylor, psychological turmoil causes spiritual awakening more than anything else. More than prayer, meditation, and even psychedelics. Anxiety, distress, and psychological turmoil are often intertwined with spiritual awakening experiences. Spiritual awakenings and their reality-altering effects may offer some relief to those suffering from mental distress. But if your spiritual awakening experience is causing you extra anxiety there are a few things you can do to help. Coping Strategies For Awakening Anxiety ‎ The anxiety you encounter during your spiritual ascension is all part of the process. It will not harm you, it’s just really really uncomfortable. It’s important to realize that you’re not actually in any danger. You may feel like something dangerous is happening inside your mind or body, but I promise you will be okay. Let’s talk about how you can best deal with this awakening anxiety. 1. Surrender The first piece of advice

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Appetite Loss After Spiritual Awakening? Here’s Why

Appetite changes are very common among people who have recently experienced a spiritual awakening. When appetite changes after an awakening it is usually a decrease in appetite. This is a fairly common phenomenon and you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Eventually, your appetite will likely return. why Your appetite Can Decrease after spiritual awakening 1. You’ve disconnected from bodily desires Some spiritual awakenings will disconnect you from your sense of self to merge your awareness with greater consciousness. This can leave you feeling disconnected from the desires of the body. You may become more aligned with the higher self which doesn’t need food for survival. This is because your higher self or soul doesn’t reside in the physical dimension. Though this raised state of consciousness can lead to a decrease in hunger or desire to eat, it is usually a temporary experience. 2. Your body is recalibrating to a higher vibration You may be going through a process of raising your consciousness or baseline vibration. When we ascend our bodies may need to tweak a few things for you to stay up in a higher consciousness state. Some find they don’t want to eat anything at all for several days after an awakening. This could be your body forcing a fast to aid in your ascension. Fasting has been known to detox the body of many harmful and cancerous substances, recharge bodily energy, and repair body cells. To aid in your “en-lighten-ment” you may need to rid the body of things for it to become lighter for your new higher state of being. 3. Your spirit desires fresh, light, and healthy food Many foods have been known to keep us weighted down to Earth which is why the Hindu tradition recommends a vegetarian diet. The body desires healthy food. As you develop spiritually you may find that you are less keen on certain unhealthy foods you used to indulge in. Dolores Cannon says that as we begin shifting into higher planes of reality we need to be eating lighter and healthier foods like fruit and vegetables over heavy and fatty foods like meat. 4. You may be experiencing anxiety Sometimes awakening experiences can be anxiety inducing and scary until we fully relinquish control (especially with kundalini awakenings). Your body might be releasing a lot of adrenaline and cortisol if this is the case which will reduce your appetite. The key to overcoming this is to surrender to whatever experience you are having completely. Trust the universe to guide you to where you’re supposed to be safely. “Struggling With Spiritual Awakening? Why It Can Be Lonely And Hard” How to deal with appetite changes after awakening So how exactly should you approach the appetite changes after a spiritual awakening? 1. Surrender and trust your body Trust the changes that are occurring in your body. If the change is coming from a higher spiritual place you can trust that the universe knows what it’s doing. You’re not going to die from abstaining from food for a couple days. Allow yourself to go with the flow of your body and spirit. If you feel worried about malnutrition during this period, you can try eat some juice or fruit. If your appetite doesn’t return after a few days then it’s best to talk to your doctor. Eventually your appetite will come back, but you have to trust the process until you get there. 2. Shift to a lighter/ healthier diet Another option if you’re struggling to eat after an awakening is to change your diet. Your body may be trying to get you to eat better healthier food for your ascension process. Try to eat more foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid meat and fast food. You may want to try foods like: At the end of the day trust your body and your intuition as to what is best during this tumultuous period of change.

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Can’t Sleep After Spiritual Awakening? Here’s Why

The night of my kundalini awakening I laid in my bed eyes wide open, heart racing, completely unable to sleep. I so desperately wanted to catch some sleep, but there was just no way after my awakening. Insomnia is a common experience for people who just had an intense spiritual awakening or are about to have a spiritual awakening. Know that this a normal symptom of awakening and that there are indeed reasons for it. Don’t feel like all hope is lost for a good night’s rest after a spiritual awakening. There are a few things you should know that could help you to catch some sleep during this ascension experience. 5 reasons you can’t sleep after a spiritual awakening There are a few reasons why you might not be able to sleep due to a spiritual awakening. 1. The shock of the awakening is keeping you awake If the spiritual awakening just happened you could be in a state of shock. The states of consciousness activated by a spiritual awakening can keep activate a state of fight or flight. Not all awakenings are rainbows and butterflies, sometimes they can be overwhelming! My last awakening was so intense that it left me with a racing heart and adrenaline filled veins. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. It’s very possible that you can’t sleep after a spiritual awakening because your mind and body are on high alert after such a radical shift in consciousness. If this is the case, just know that you are safe. You simply are having a very intense spiritual experience. 2. You can’t stop thinking about the awakening If you had a powerful spiritual insight earlier in the day, you may be completely in awe of the awakening you just had. You’ve been thinking about your life from this new perspective all day, but now its time for bed and you just can’t stop thinking. I wouldn’t be able to sleep very well either if my entire view of the world was just completely transformed a few hours previously. Spiritual awakenings can leave you feeling excited and curious about what’s really true about this universe of ours, which can lead to an inability to fall sleep. I fall into this trap of overthinking about the nature of reality quite often. You see, I’m a thinker and I love understanding reality and spirituality. It’s the most interesting and important thing to me. It’s no wonder you can’t sleep if you can’t stop thinking about all these amazing things! 3. You are filled with kundalini energy If you’re having a specific type of awakening known as a kundalini awakening, you will most likely not be able to sleep at all. This was the case for me when I had my kundalini awakening. I stayed awake for hours with a racing heart and anxiety around what just happened to me. Kundalini is a divine energy that can become activated in your body. When your kundalini activates it sends powerful energy flowing through your chakras. This experience can be very scary and may leave up feeling very energized and anxious. Kundalini awakening is characterized by: From those symptoms you can see why it might be hard to fall asleep after activating your kundalini. If you think you’re having a kundalini awakening and don’t know what to do, see these articles to help you get through this intense experience: “How To Handle An Unexpected Kundalini Awakening” “Is A Kundalini Awakening Permanent?” 4. You’re awakening freaked you out Whether you’re having a kundalini awakening or some other profound spiritual experience such as ego death, it can leave you feeling pretty freaked out. Though many times we hear about the bliss and love associated with spiritual awakening, fear can often accompany these spiritual experiences. Because they are new to us and can shift our reality, a spiritual awakening can induce a lot of fear. Especially if you don’t know how to properly surrender to an awakening. Our heightened fear and anxiety make it nearly impossible to sleep. The key to facing the fear of an awakening is complete surrender. The only way out is through. More on that later. 5. Your awakening is bringing up trauma Some spiritual awakenings cause very specific shifts in your being. In some cases, an awakening will bring up trauma and negative aspects of yourself to work through. In the end, this will be deeply healing. But when this trauma arises, it will be very difficult to face. The awakening can bring up these things to be worked through, especially if they’ve been pushed down and ignored for a long time. This very unpleasant event can most definitely keep you awake at night. Though very unpleasant, it will be for greater healing later on. “Struggling With Spiritual Awakening? Why It Can Be Lonely And Hard” Insomnia as a sign of spiritual awakening If you can’t sleep and have a suspicion it could be because of an impending spiritual awakening, you could right! Even if you haven’t had a spiritual awakening, your insomnia could be because you’re on the brink of a spiritual awakening. As your spiritual energy increases and you come close to a spiritual awakening, you may find it hard to sleep. Somewhere deep in your psyche you know something is coming, but you just don’t know what. There might be excitement for this future that keeps you awake, or perhaps it could be due to insomnia from a dark night of the soul. > see my article “20 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening” The dark night of the soul If you’re in a dark night of the soul you might be experiencing depression, loneliness, and insomnia. The dark night of the soul is the dark period that many people face before opening up into the love and light of spiritual awakening. This is where you must face all your demons head on. The awakening process forces you through your shadow side and negativity.

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Struggling With Spiritual Awakening? Why It Can Be Lonely & Hard

Have you ever felt like as you pursued your spiritual journey no one else understood what you were going through? That was my experience when I went through a spiritual awakening a while back. While my spiritual awakening was a beautiful and transformative process, it was also a time of loneliness and struggle. In this article, I want to share my personal experience of why spiritual awakening can be lonely and hard, and how I navigated it. Spiritual awakening can be difficult and lonely because it is such a personal and unique experience. You may want to share your profound experiences and insights with others, but the truth is most people may never truly understand. Painful symptoms of spiritual awakening When you think about awakening spiritually, you may think of something positive and beautiful. This is not always the case in the beginning. Sometimes a spiritual awakening can manifest in negative ways when we resist it or don’t know how to handle it. > check out my full list of symptoms here “20 Signs of Spiritual Awakening” 1. Heightened emotions A spiritual awakening can leave you with an open heart and increased sensitivity. As spiritual energy flows through you it can open up a lot emotions. Sometimes this can look like intense crying for seemingly no reason. To others this may turn into anxiety. The important thing to remember if this happens to you is that you surrender. Let the emotions flow and run their course. It is all part of the process. See also “Anxious After Spiritual Awakening? Here’s Why” 2. Losing relationships As you begin to wake up, you may find that some friends and family aren’t good for your life. This may cause you to distance yourself from those negative relationships. However this can create a sense of loss and grief. It’s important to find people you can talk to about your spiritual journey. Foster new and beneficial relationships that nurture your spirit and grow you as a person. 3. Awareness of your shadow A spiritual awakening can bring up lots of junk in your psyche that need to be sorted out. If you have a large shadow, this can be a particularly difficult process. Spiritual awakening, though difficult, will cleanse and heal these parts of you. This process will bring up internal issues and parts of yourself you dislike. This is happening so you can become aware of it and heal it. But when it comes up, it can be particularly painful. Why spiritual awakening can be so lonely and difficult There are few struggles inner struggles that can occur when you have a spiritual awakening. A profound spiritual insight could change your perspective so much that it feels like you’re in totally new territory with a ton of new struggles despite the beautiful transformation that it is. Here are some common difficulties after spiritual awakening and some personal examples. 1. Feeling disconnected from loved ones During my spiritual awakening, I felt like I was on a completely different wavelength than my friends and family. I wanted to talk about things like consciousness and the universe, but they didn’t seem interested or didn’t understand what I was saying. I felt like I was speaking a different language and no one really new what I was talking about. At best, I’d get supportive nods. This can leave you feeling isolated and disconnected. 2. Spiritual awakening leaves you questioning everything Another challenge of my spiritual awakening was the constant questioning of everything I had ever believed or known. After I came to the direct and startling realization that I am not my body, I started to question what else I had wrong about myself and reality. I started to question my job, my relationships, my habits, and even my identity. This was a deeply unsettling process, but at the same time I became excited. My curiosity switched into high gear. All of the sudden it felt like I needed more answers. 3. You don’t care about the same things after a spiritual awakening To some this might be a blessing, to others it will be a struggle. There was a lot that seemed irrelevant after my spiritual awakening. Priorities shifted after my spiritual awakening. This meant that I cared less about unimportant things, but this also posed a problem. For example, I cared less about school when my family expected me to really give that my all. This then created conflict between what I was expected to do and my new values. That’s just one example, but there are plenty of other places in life this can happen. 4. A profound spiritual awakening can leave you feeling nihilistic On your journey towards waking up and spiritual awakening, you may come to some startling realizations. One very common realization you may have is that nothing really matters. This may lead to a spiritual depression or confusion for why anything exists at all. The good news is that there is light at the end of that belief. You can either choose to see that truth with a negative light or a positive light. If you think nothing matters and that’s bad, then you’ll fall into a depression and believe there’s no reason to go on doing anything. But imagine… nothing matters, and you can do ANYTHING. That’s very much a good thing in my opinion. It’s all a matter of perspective, but the struggle to get there is definitely real. > see my article “20 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening & How To Know You’re Waking Up” How do you navigate the struggle of a spiritual journey? The biggest thing that transformed my loneliness during my journey was having an insight into the difference between loneliness and aloneness. Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness and lack of connection. It was what I felt for a while as I longed to share my spiritual experiences with those close to me. Aloneness on the other hand is simply being alone. The key

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