What is Kundalini Awakening? (9 Signs & Symptoms)

Being able to awaken and harness your Kundalini has been a well sought after ability for spiritual seekers. Being able to understand Kundalini energy and what it can do for you can make a huge impact in your spiritual journey.

Let’s talk everything you need to know about Kundalini awakenings.

What Is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is a divine energy that usually lays dormant in the body at the base of the spine. Kundalini energy is a powerful life force energy often known as “shakti” that can flood through your body when activated.

When Kundalini energy awakens in the body it can cause powerful transformations and cause an increase in consciousness.

This powerful energy is said to lay dormant in the root chakra of most people and most will go their entire lives without their Kundalini activating.

The Kundalini Serpent

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word “Kundal” which means “coiled”. In Hindu literature Kundalini is symbolized as a coiled up serpent sitting at the base of the spine ready to spring up and strike.

This coiled imagery symbolizes how Kundalini energy shoots up through the body when it becomes activated.

Kundalini Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Kundalini awakenings are a very distinct spiritual experience. There are several tell tail mental, physical, and spiritual signs that your Kundalini has activated or is activating.

1. Body shakes, shivers, & convulsions

Kundalini energy can cause surges of energy in the body that create shaking in the body. This can manifest itself as body shivers and sometimes even convulsions.



Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your journey.

2. Feeling warm

The energy released in the body during a Kundalini awakening can feel warm and expansive. You may feel warmth emanating up and throughout your body during the awakening.

3. Increased consciousness

Your awareness may become increased during and after a Kundalini awakening. As divine energy is released you will be more attuned to the divine in your everyday life.

4. Increased emotional and spiritual sensitivity

You will become more sensitive to your emotions and inner energies when your Kundalini is released.

5. Energy pulses & vibrations

Kundalini energy is so powerful that when it rises it will send energy pulses throughout your body. This manifests itself in many physical ways, one of which is vibrations. You may feel vibrations in one or more chakras during an awakening.

6. Sensations of bliss or pleasure

Feelings of bliss and pleasure are commonly reported during Kundalini awakenings. When Kundalini rises through your sacral chakra you may even feel orgasmic energy being released.

7. Fear and anxiety

On the other hand, you may feel increased fear and anxiety if you don’t know what this intense energy is. The resistance to this great Kundalini energy can create an anxious state of mind.

8. Emotional release and crying

When Kundalini energy flows through your chakras it begins to unclog and clear out any blocked chakras. When your heart chakra gets opened and energy flows through it you may experience a great emotional release.

This release can look like crying, laughing, or deep feelings of love.

9. Feelings of oneness with the universe

In a peak Kundalini awakening state you connect with the divine energy of the universe. Kundalini is cosmic energy that has been placed in your body. When it awakens you can experience union with the divine.

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Spiritual Awakening

Is a Kundalini awakening the same thing as a spiritual awakening? Yes and no.

A Kundalini awakening is a form of spiritual awakening, but it is much different than what you might think of as the stereotypical awakening.

Most of what we think of when we say “spiritual awakening” is usually a profound spiritual insight that changes our perspective on reality. However, a Kundalini awakening is more of an activation of divine energy in the body.

Kundalini awakenings can however lead to the stereotypical spiritual awakening later on as your awareness may increase from the Kundalini energy.

What Causes A Kundalini Awakening?

If you’re attempting to have one or have already had a Kundalini awakening, you may want to know what actually causes it.

There can be many things that trigger a Kundalini awakening.

1. Pranayama

The #1 most common technique used to awaken Kundalini is pranayama, otherwise known as breathwork. There are many different forms and variations of pranayama used to awaken Kundalini and attain higher states of consciousness.

The most notorious variation is known as the Breath of Fire which involves rapid rhythmic breathing from the belly to activate the Kundalini.

There are other forms of pranayama used to awaken Kundalini, another technique is described here by Siva Ananda Online. You can find all sorts of other variations with a quick Google search as well.

2. Meditation

Meditation sessions with a focus on awakening your Kundalini can activate this potent energy. Specifically meditation combined with breathwork and visualization can awaken Kundalini.

Deep states of meditation have also been known to activate Kundalini.

3. Working with a guru

If you’re working with a true spiritual master, they will have the ability to awaken your Kundalini energy.

When a guru activates your Kundalini purely with their own mind, power, and touch it is known as Shaktipata.

A guru might not directly trigger an awakening in you, but could also guide you to awaken your own Kundalini. Your guru will know when it’s the right time to awaken your Kundalini and will show you the practices to do so.

4. Spontaneous awakening

Kundalini may become activated for what seems like no reason at all. Some people experience spontaneous Kundalini awakenings. If this happens, it may be a divinely orchestrated event.

When this happens in an unsuspecting person it can be quite the shock.

What Happens After Kundalini Awakens?

After your Kundalini becomes activated you will notice several shifts and changes. Kundalini is a divine and transformative energy that will change your mind, body, and spirit.

One of the things that people report after a Kundalini awakening is life transformations. Some find that their priorities shift after their Kundalini is activated. This can lead to significant relationship, career, and life changes.

You may also find that your core vibration is elevated. As your chakras are open and aligned due to Kundalini energy, you will feel more in harmony and at peace than before the awakening.

You will be more sensitive to spiritual energies after awakening. Think of your body as a receiver and a Kundalini awakening as tuning it to a divine frequency. Your awareness will be more sensitive and sharper after a Kundalini awakening.

Benefits Of Kundalini Awakening

So why might you want to awaken your Kundalini? What exactly are the benefits of a Kundalini awakening?

There are many benefits that result from activating your Kundalini:

  • Enhanced consciousness
  • Emotional healing
  • Chakra alignment
  • Increased overall energy
  • Sharper intuition
  • Heightened sense perceptions
  • Deeper connection with the divine
  • Spiritual growth
  • Beneficial life changes

Issues With Kundalini Awakening

Though a Kundalini awakening can have many benefits, not everyone has an easy time with this powerful energy at first.

Here are the potential issues you may face from a Kundalini awakening:

Fear And Anxiety

Kundalini can be a scary experience for individuals who don’t know what the energy is. When someone doesn’t understand how Kundalini works, the energy can be interpreted as anxiety.

For some, a Kundalini awakening can create a lot of fear. This fear can be transformed however in the process of surrender.

Hyperactivity & Too Much Energy

Kundalini is an energy. This bodily energy can fill us up to the point of being too much. This is what leads to shaking, jitteriness, and feeling overwhelmed.

You may find you’re hyper active after a Kundalini awakening, as the energy courses through your body.

This usually dies down within a few days.

Inability To Sleep

One of the most frustrating issues after a Kundalini awakening is the inability to sleep. The energy and anxiety released in a Kundalini awakening can lead to insomnia.

Kundalini Getting Stuck In A Chakra

If you awaken your Kundalini too early before you’ve done the inner work, you may face issues. If you haven’t cleaned and opened your chakras, the Kundalini energy can get stuck.

When Kundalini encounters a blockage it can cause very unpleasant symptoms like burning sensations in the body, convulsions, and deep anxiety.

This is why it is important not to jump right into Kundalini yoga as a beginner and should work extensively with a guru before attempting anything.

Sensory Overload

The days that follow a Kundalini awakening can be a bit overwhelming. After Kundalini energy is released in your body your senses will be heightened. You may find your hearing, touch, vision are extremely sensitive afterwards.

If this happens it’s important to take a few days to relax and let the energy settle down.

Is A Kundalini Awakening Dangerous?

A Kundalini awakening can be dangerous for beginners who don’t take the appropriate preparations and learn about the process beforehand.

You will be physically fine, there is no chance of death. Rather, improperly handled Kundalini may land you in the psych ward with a case of psychosis.

when this happens it is known as Kundalini Syndrome.

Kundalini Syndrome

Kundalini syndrome occurs when risen Kundalini results in a traumatic experience from the negative physical & psychological symptoms.

Many people mistake Kundalini awakenings for panic attacks or psychotic breaks. This is usually the case for someone who has no knowledge of Kundalini but has spontaneously activated their Kundalini.

Experiencing Kundalini Syndrome? Here’s What To Do

If you’re one of the many people who have an unexpected kundalini awakening, you may not know how to harness this powerful energy known as Kundalini. So how do you handle your Kundalini energy?

1. Immediately halt any spiritual practice that activates Kundalini

Any practice that you were using to raise your Kundalini should be immediately stopped. Continuation of such practices will exacerbate the issues you are experiencing.

2. Surrender to the energy

The best way to get out of this experience is to go through it. Any time you feel a surge of Kundalini energy, just surrender to it. Relax your body, lay down, and allow the experience to flow.

When you surrender to the energy, it will open your chakras much faster and be much less uncomfortable. Some even say it can turn into a pleasurable experience when you surrender.

3. Use Grounding Practices

A great way to counteract the energizing effects of Kundalini is grounding practices. Anything that can bring you back down to Earth and relax your mind & body is great for this.

Some examples of grounding practices include:

  • Basic meditation
  • Mindful practice
  • Walking in nature
  • Simple Yoga
  • Very light exercise

4. Get help from a guru

In a best case scenario you should find an expert who can help guide you through this experience. A spiritual mentor or awakened guru will know what you’re going through and can make the process much more bearable and facilitate healing.

> see my article “How To Find A Spiritual Mentor”


Kundalini yoga is the most powerful spiritual practice you can do. Spiritual awakenings have the potential to transform your life and give you access to greater consciousness and even enlightenment. However, if improperly handled a Kundalini awakening can create disaster and send you to the psych ward. Make sure to do your research, prepare yourself spiritually, and get guidance from a true spiritual master before attempting Kundalini yoga.

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a meditation teacher, spiritual seeker, and founder of nurtureyourspirit.org. I’m glad you’re here! I founded Nurture Your Spirit because of my love of meditation, spirituality, and spiritual awakening.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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