Meditation With Pets: How to Meditate With a Distracting Pet

Does your dog get confused when you meditate in front of them? Maybe your cat can’t keep away from you while you sit for your morning meditation. Or perhaps you struggle with getting distracted by the curious creatures you’ve adopted into your home.

Having pets in your home while you’re trying to cultivate a meditation practice can be a tricky situation. Today we’re going to go over everything you need to know about meditating with pets in the house and how to deal the common struggles that can ensue.

Why won’t my cat/dog leave me alone during meditation?

There’s a lot of reasons why your pet might be bothering you so much during your meditation practice. The main reasons your pet is bothering you during a meditation session is most likely because they are either curious, want attention, or need to go potty.

1. They’re curious

Your furry friend might be curious of what you’re up to. Afterall, curiosity killed the cat remember?

Animals are naturally curious and will want to investigate what you’re doing if it’s a new behavior they’ve never seen you do before.

Although it may be bothersome, they’re just following their furry little instincts and checking out what’s going on.

2. They want attention

When you meditate your pet may feel ignored. This can then cause them to come over get that attention back from you.

Your dog or cat may also just want some extra love and attention from you. When you meditate you are pulling your attention away from your pet and they may feel jealous of that attention and try to come get some back.

This can prove to be frustrating when a pet comes up to you or sits in your lap as you meditate but this could simply be because they want your love and attention.

3. They want something else from you

It could very well be that your pet is bothering you during a meditation because they need something from you.

Perhaps your dog needs to go outside and use the bathroom. Or maybe your cat is hungry and wants you to put out the food bowl.

Make sure to take care of all the things your pet needs before you start your meditation to ensure they are content and taken care of.

Why does my cat/dog Freak Out when I meditate?

You know that curiosity I was talking about earlier? Sometimes your pet’s curiosity may turn into anxiety or worry.

Sitting still for long periods of time on the floor may seem like unusual behavior to your pet. If your pet suspects something is wrong they may start to freak out and get really anxious.

If your dog or cat seems agitated by your meditation, just give them a few pets of reassurance to let them know you’re alright. Then keep on meditating.

What can you do about a bothersome pet?

There are a few things you can do when it comes to dealing with a curious pet interrupting your meditation practice.

1. Move them to another room

The simplest solution to your problem is to just lead them to another room and shut the door. If they can’t see you meditate they may just ignore you and go on their merry way.

You could also put them outside if you have a fenced in backyard or yard leash.

This could backfire though and make them feel more anxious as they wonder what’s going on. It’s worth a try, but these other options may work better

2. Include your pet in your meditation

Something you may want to try is to meditate with your pet. If they are distracting you, notice that distraction. Bring your mindful awareness to what your dog or cat may be doing.

If your cat comes to lay on your lap, try to allow and accept the situation for what it is. Meditation after all is about observation, acceptance, and flowing in the present moment.

Try to notice why something they do bothers you. Observe that annoyance as you would any other thought passing through your mind.

This might work for minor distractions, but if your dog is being particularly loud and obnoxious it’s probably best to move them or yourself to another room in the house.

3. Wait for your dog or cat to fall asleep

Does your dog usually take a nap in the afternoon? or maybe your cat snoozes in the evenings. Keep track of when they usually sleep throughout the day and take advantage of that time for a meditation session.

If they’re asleep, they can’t be bothering or worrying about you. This one requires a bit of waiting however, so if you’re not up for that its okay to just move them to another room.

Is it OK to meditate with a pet in the room?

Of course it’s okay to meditate with a pet in the room! Pets can be easily incorporated into a meditation session. Simply observe them as you would anything else that arises in a meditation session.

However if your pet proves to be especially difficult you can move behind closed doors to meditate in peace. Either is fine and at the end of the day it’s up to personal preference.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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