The 3 Waves of Volunteers Explained (And Quiz)

Dolores Cannon described an unusual spiritual phenomenon occurring on the Earth at this period of time. She says we are currently shifting into a higher dimension (specifically from 3D to 5D) as a planet and a species. To facilitate this process a call went out everywhere in the universe for ascended beings to “volunteer” to incarnate on Earth during this transition. This would ensure the Earth transitioned smoothly. There would be three waves to come to Earth, each with a different duty and purpose. Many of the spiritually developed on the Earth at this time are from these three waves of volunteers. The 3 waves of volunteers are ascended souls who “volunteered” to come to Earth to help the shift into the New Earth and 5D consciousness. How do you know which wave you are from if you even are one of the volunteers at all? Take the quiz at the end of the page to find out. The 3 Waves of Volunteers Dolores Cannon’s vision of the 3 waves came out of decades of quantum healing hypnosis sessions. It was in these deep states of hypnosis that she spoke with the collective subconscious (also known as the higher self) The higher selves of these people all told her the same thing: There is a massive energetic change happening on Earth and millions of souls have come to help with this change. The souls have specifically come in 3 distinct waves. Each wave is here to usher in a new age that goes by many names including: These souls aren’t like the rest of humanity who is largely stuck in the samsara cycle of birth and death. The souls who have come to help during this time volunteered to be here. For many of these volunteers, life on Earth is unpleasant and difficult. It truly was a sacrifice to come to a dense Earth at this time. The First Wave The first wave were the pioneers of light on a largely unchanged Earth. Completely new to physical experience, they lack the “earthly filter” that dampens the intensity of existence here. This makes adapting to Earth’s dense energy a significant challenge. The first wave struggle to remember their purpose and often feel overwhelmed by the harshness of the world. However, their pure connection to the divine makes them beacons of empathy and sensitivity. The purpose of the first wave is simply to bring divine energy directly from the source to begin the transformation process. However, because the first wave volunteers come directly from source they often feel quite disconnected and lost on a spiritually dense planet like Earth. Due to their nature of coming before the other two waves, first wave individuals were born sometime around world war 2 all the way up to the mid 1960s. The Second Wave The second wave of volunteers are souls with lots of prior life experiences to help begin navigating the consciousness shift in a more tangible way. These volunteers have lived on other planets and dimensions, carrying the weight of past lives. This grants them a broader perspective and an edge when navigating Earth’s complexities. Having accumulated knowledge from diverse experiences, they excel at analysis and problem-solving. However, the fragmented nature of past-life memories can create a sense of disconnection from the present. They may also carry emotional baggage from past experiences and feel like outsiders amidst the unfamiliar energy of Earth. Second wavers are often born between the mid 1960s and the mid 1990s. The Third Wave The third wave is the last and final wave to help usher in the new age of 5D consciousness on Earth. Often identified as Indigo or Crystal children, they possess an innate understanding of their purpose: to usher in a new era of consciousness on Earth. Their strength lies in their groundedness and natural leadership qualities. They effortlessly inspire and guide others towards a brighter future. Unlike the previous 2 waves, the third wave is fairly comfortable on Earth and have an intuitive awareness to its energy. However, navigating a world in constant transition can be challenging. The Third Wave may feel misunderstood by those clinging to traditional and older ways of living. Third wavers are likely born more recently, any time from the mid 1990s to now. How Each Wave Helps The Shift Into 5D Each wave contributes a unique change in the ongoing shift towards the New Earth. What is The New Earth? The concept of the New Earth isn’t about a physical relocation, but rather a shift in humanity’s consciousness. It represents a world vibrating at a higher frequency. Dolores Cannon described this as a shift from 3D into 5D. Life in 5D is more peaceful, joyful, lighter, and less dense. However, not everyone will make the shift into 5D. There will be a rift between those living in 5D versus those living in 3D. Though both groups will be living on the same physical Earth, the consciousness of each group will be vastly different. 5D individuals will not get sucked into the drama of the 3D world as they’ve transcended into a state of harmony and peace. The conflict and disharmony of the 3D will still be around, but it won’t affect you if you’ve transitioned into the New Earth. It will be as if there is a pane of glass between the two, you’ll be able to see it but you will be separate.

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