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The Astral Plane (Lower, Middle, & Upper Astral Explained)

Understanding what the astral plane is and how it works is crucial to understanding your spiritual development. Today we’ll be discussing what the astral plane is and the various levels that make it up. The astral plane is a non-physical level of existence that we exist in every night when we sleep and when we consciously astral project. The lower planes of the astral are where most of humanity’s low vibrational collective consciousness resides. The upper astral is associated with higher vibrational frequencies, light, and enlightened beings. Through conscious spiritual development we can raise ourselves up into the higher levels of the astral. What is the astral plane? The astral plane is fundamentally a level of non-physical existence. We as conscious beings reside on multiple planes of existence at once. We have in a sense 7 different bodies. Just as our physical body resides in a location in space and time, our astral body resides somewhere in the astral plane. When we sleep at night we enter the astral in our dreams. When we astral project we enter into this non-physical realm consciously. see also is astral projection dangerous? Even though the astral is a non-physical plane of existence it is just as real as the physical world. We also have the ability to move up and down the levels of the astral through conscious spiritual development. Astral plane map Image credit: Astral Doorway on YouTube. I highly recommend you check him out if you want to learn how to astral project! The astral doesn’t exist the same way that location does in the physical world. There are simply higher and lower consciousness areas of the astral that can be accessed in various ways. Levels of the astral realm There aren’t “fixed” levels of the astral plane designated as lower, middle, or upper. These are just relative terms to describe the levels of vibration that exist in the astral. Lower astral The lower astral is where the most unconscious and low vibration entities and beings exist. Remember this isn’t a physical location, but rather a description of vibration in the astral. The lower astral is where most of humanity’s consciousness resides in. The lower astral is full of fear, doubt, and negativity. Beings that reside in this level of frequency may be trapped in this realm due to unresolved issues, attachments, or negative karma. It’s advised to avoid the lower astral when astral traveling due to its unpleasant nature. Middle astral The middle astral is the transition vibrational location between the lower and upper astral planes. The middle astral is characterized by neutrality, and mix of lower and upper vibration. There is more clarity in the middle astral, but there isn’t enlightenment. It’s more of a low level neutral peace. Beings encountered in the middle astral plane vary widely. They may include guides, teachers, and helpers who assist individuals in their spiritual journey or entities with unresolved aspects from the lower astral plane. The middle astral offers transformation in frequency both upwards and further downwards. Upper astral The upper astral is where the highest frequencies are experienced. The upper astral is characterized by enlightened beings, widespread joy and peace, and total clarity. Beings encountered in the upper astral will be positive, full of love, and happy. There will be many enlightened and wise teachers to learn from in the upper astral. The upper astral is where you can have profound spiritual insights and transcend the limits placed on consciousness in the physical. How to move up the astral planes There are fewer and fewer human souls the further up the astral you go. Only the most enlightened and spiritually developed find themselves in the upper astral. When consciously astral projecting it isn’t too difficult to move ourselves into higher frequency planes. If you are consciously astral traveling, then simply ask be transported to a higher plane and you will find yourself there. Most of humanity is unable to consciously astral travel. In this case, to move yourself up in astral plane means raising your vibration and consciousness in general. This happens through spiritual development and growth. As you become more awake and enlightened in the physical realm your consciousness will reflect this shift in the astral.

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Is Astral Projection Dangerous? (The Risks of Astral Travel)

So you’ve just finished hearing a horror story about astral projection, and now your hopes and dreams of astral travel are down the drain. But wait! What if I were to tell you astral travel isn’t dangerous at all? Astral projection is a completely safe phenomenon. Your body and soul cannot be harmed in the astral. Though you can encounter some terrifying things and experience a lot of fear during astral projection, nothing in the astral can kill or truly harm you. What is astral projection? Astral projection is the process of moving your consciousness outside of your physical body and into the astral. Astral travel can also be described as an out of body experience. When we astral project we enter into the astral plane. The astral has different properties than the physical world. In the astral time does not move in the same way it moves in the physical. You also have the ability to go anywhere in the universe in an instant during astral travel. See the stages of astral projection to find out how to actually do this. The astral takes away all limits on when and where you can go if you know how to control it. This brings in the possibility for a lot of exciting and fun experiences. But it also brings the possibility of some scary and even demonic experiences. Physical Danger is only an illusion At no time during your astral projection will you be in any physical danger at all. No matter how scary of an entity you meet or even if you are attacked in the astral your physical body will always be safe. If you are “killed” in the astral you will simply wake up into your physical body safe and sound. It’s true you can have some scary experiences during astral travel, but you will not actually be harmed. Can the silver cord be severed? Some people worry that the silver cord that connects the astral body to their physical body can be severed, cut, or destroyed during astral travel. It is not possible for the cord that connects your astral and physical body to be severed during astral travel. No entity, force, or being in the astral has the ability to cut this cord. No matter how much negativity you encounter in the astral your connection to your physical body will always stay intact. We enter the astral every night Believe it or not we enter into the astral every night when we fall asleep and dream. Have you ever been harmed by a dream? No. But have you had very scary nightmares that feel real? Yes. The same is true with conscious astral travel. We may experience very real feeling scary experiences but nonetheless you are perfectly safe. In fact, learning how to astral project and control your experiences will lead to more positive astral travel and will make for a “safer” experience. Psychological Dangers of Astral Travel It’s possible (but unlikely) that attempting to astral travel can exacerbate already present psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia or breaks from reality. I have not really heard this to happen, but I’m writing it just as a precaution to those who may have psychotic conditions. The worst psychological damage that can really occur during astral projection is experiencing heightened levels of fear. Fear during astral projection The worst thing that can happen during astral projection is you experience a scary situation. The astral can feel sometimes even more vivid than waking physical consciousness. The things encountered in the astral can be terrifying especially if we’re in the lower astral or are operating from a fear mindset. Luckily, this is the worst thing that can happen. So the only thing to fear in the astral is fear itself. The lower astral The astral realm is a vast and broad place. You can enter into the lower, middle, or upper astral. The lower astral will appear dark and dreary. This is the part of the astral where you are more likely to encounter negative beings. More fear can be experienced in the lower astral compared to the upper astral. If you find yourself in the lower astral there are a few things you can do to get to a lighter higher part of the astral: Encountering negative entities One of the most unpleasant experiences you can have during astral travel is encountering negative entities. These beings are usually in the lower astral and will try to make you sacred. Fear is the level that some beings live at in the astral. These entities can not hurt you, they will simply try to scare you. To deal with negative entities here are some simple guide rules: Tips for safe astral travel If you want to ensure a peaceful and pleasant astral projection here are some things to keep in mind. Get astral guidance It can be helpful to get help and guidance in the process of astral projection. This guidance can be both in the physical world and astral world. When in the astral simply request help from a guide and they should appear to aid you. Perform a protective ritual As you relax at the beginning of the astral projection process before you actually leave the body you can conduct a protective ritual. Simply imagine either a sphere or pyramid of white light surrounding you in your imagination. Feel the power of this protective energy and know you are protected. Now you will be impervious to unwanted negative contact in the astral. Stay in the upper astral Try your best to stay in the upper levels of the astral. This is where the most benevolent and peaceful beings will be. Staying away from the lower astral will keep you from having negative experiences in your astral travel. Happy Traveling It’s much more likely you’ll have a positive astral travel experience if you come prepared. Worst case scenario you have a frightening encounter and wake back up in your

Is Astral Projection Dangerous? (The Risks of Astral Travel) Read More »

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