6 Best Spiritual Awakening Courses of 2024

If you’re a spiritual seeker you may be in search of a course that will teach you all you need to know to spiritually awaken. There are many self proclaimed gurus offering spiritual courses promising “enlightenment” and “awakening”. But which of these is really legit? And which will really teach you what you need to know? When choosing to spend your hard earned money on expensive online courses it’s important that you know what’s really worth the spend. With that in mind, when evaluating courses I ranked more credible and established teachers above less established teachers. Courses are also ranked by overall depth and expertise. I analyzed dozens of major spiritual awakening courses available online and here are the top 6: #1) The 7-Day Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Ryan Molkentin’s 7-Day Spiritual Awakening Accelerator is the most comprehensive and in-depth course on this list. From learning how to access states of samadhi and non-duality to mastering your kundalini, this course covers every aspect of awakening. For only $19.95 you gain access to the full course, 2 bonus modules, and an exclusive members only forum of other spiritual seekers. The Spiritual Awakening Accelerator walks you step by step into spiritual awakening so you can’t mess it up. Teacher: Ryan Molkentin Hosted on: NurtureYourSpirit.org Price: $19.95 Noteworthy for: Overall most powerful and in depth Check it out here. #2) Discovering Your True Nature Course By Ram Dass Ram Dass and the leaders of the Love Serve Remember foundation have created 13 different courses each with a different spiritual focus. You can gain access to Ram Dass’s extensive course library for just $149 a year. Some of the incredible courses included in your subscription include: “Alchemy of The Heart”, “No Death, No Fear”, “Discovering Your True Nature”, and many more. Ram Dass is one of the most credible and loved spiritual teachers of the century, making his course library a no-brainer #1 on our list. Teacher: Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dev & more Hosted on: RamDass.org Price: $149 Noteworthy for: Most credible and far reaching Check it out here. #3) The 30-Day Wake Up Challenge By Adyashanti Adyashanti is one of the most profound spiritual leaders alive today in the West. His 30-Day Wake Up Challenge is an in-depth course that not only explains the process of awakening, but teaches you tangible practices and techniques to raise your consciousness. This course includes 30 days of lectures, Q&As, and guided meditations to help you spiritually awaken. Teacher: Adyashanti Hosted on: SoundsTrue.com Price: $97 Noteworthy for: Beginner’s who want an in-depth and accurate explanation of awakening Check it out here. #4) The DailyOm’s Meditation For Spiritual Awakening Course Jim Malloy’s Meditation for Spiritual Awakening is a 14-lesson course that teaches you how to use meditation to awaken. Each module takes you step by step closer to ultimate awakening. Though this course has an emphasis on meditation, it dives into many other aspects of awakening like opening the heart chakra and how to prepare the body for enlightenment. The knowledge taught in the DailyOm’s course draws from several different spiritual traditions and presents it in an easy to understand contemporary format. Teacher: Jim Malloy Hosted on: DailyOm.com Price: $19 Noteworthy for: a meditation focused experience Check it out here. #5) The Embody Self Love Spiritual Awakening Course Sophie Frabotta is a spiritual life coach and meditation teacher with over 10,000 hours of 1-1 spiritual guidance experience. Sophie Frabotta’s Embody Self Love Course takes a healing transformational approach to spiritual awakening. This course teaches you how to connect with your highest self, heal limiting parts of yourself, and tap into the infinite love of the universe. Teacher: Sophie Frabotta Hosted on: AwakenWithSophie.com Price: $144 Noteworthy for: an emphasis on personal healing & growth Check it out here. #6) How To Awaken & Connect To Your Spiritual Higher Self (Udemy) Julian Jenkins’s Udemy Spiritual Awakening Course is a great brief introduction to spiritual awakening. Taking only 3 hours to complete, this course will give you a great first glance at spiritual awakening for beginner’s who want to learn about awakening but aren’t ready to commit to a month long course. This Udemy course gives you the basic tools to start your spiritual practice towards awakening and can be completed in half a day or less. Teacher: Julian Jenkins Hosted on: Udemy Price: $74.99 (often on sale for much less) Noteworthy for: a brief yet thorough explanation of awakening Check it out here.

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