Spiritual Fatigue: How To Overcome Exhaustion After Awakening

You started your spiritual journey to make your life fuller and more expansive, but for some reason all you feel is tired. This is not what you signed up for. Spiritual awakening can be taxing for many reasons leaving you beyond tired. Why does this happen and how can you overcome spiritual fatigue? Let’s find out. Key Takeaways What is Spiritual Fatigue? Spiritual fatigue is a phenomena experienced by many spiritual seekers who have a spiritual awakening. Spiritual fatigue is the experience of exhaustion after spiritual awakening. The deep inner transformations that happen during awakening use a ton of mental and physical energy. This profound shift in your being can leave you drained for days. This can happen for many reasons. Spiritual Fatique Symptoms Not sure if you’re experiencing spiritual fatigue after awakening? Here are the signs and symptoms of spiritual fatigue: Spiritual awakening affects the mind, body, and soul. All three of these get tired after lots of engagement. Why Spiritual Awakening Can Be Exhausting There are many reasons why spiritual awakening can cause you to feel exhausted including: Dealing with past traumas Awakening may bring up traumas to be dealt with. The experience of processing and healing those traumas can be extremely emotionally taxing. The rising of traumas can also play a large part of the dark night of the soul and spiritual depression. To overcome this experience you must dive head first into those traumas to dissolve them. This will take a lot of mental and emotional energy out of you. Spiritual awakening insomnia Spiritual awakening can be such a powerful experience that it causes you to loose sleep. You mind and body can really suffer with a loss of sleep from awakening. You may be suffering from insomnia due to spiritual awakening anxiety from an difficult awakening. Your insomnia could also be caused by your mind and body being filled with divine energy. Intense bodily energy surges In a particular type of awakening known as a kundalini awakening, an intense divine energy awakens in the body. Though at first you may be filled too much energy, the awakening of kundalini can leave the body feeling exhausted afterwards in some cases. In all of these cases the mind, body, and soul can all become drained leaving you feeling utterly fatigued. see also why spiritual awakening can be a difficult experience. How To Overcome Spiritual Fatigue Can’t seem to catch your breath after awakening? Let’s dive into how we can recover from spiritual fatigue after awakening. Sleep! The best thing to do if you’re feeling exhausted after spiritual awakening is to sleep. Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest the night after a particularly exhausting spiritual experience. Good old sleep will do the trick most of the time. Grounding Sometimes we can’t seem to calm down and bring our consciousness back to Earth. Even when we’re exhausted our awareness can stay too heightened and may need grounding. There are a few grounding exercises you can practice to bring your consciousness down a notch and finally get some rest. I recommend: These can help bring your consciousness back down to Earth so you can finally get some rest. With time you will recover Eventually you will recover with enough rest. Your spiritual exhaustion won’t last forever and you’ll likely feel back to normal within a few days. During this period make sure to take it easy and get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and drink lots of water. Conclusion Spiritual awakenings can be both profound and tiring. If you’re going through a spiritual awakening you may feel exhausted. Spiritual awakenings can leave your mind, body, and soul feeling like you need some extra rest. This is normal and you’ll likely recover within a day or two.

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