How Long Does Spiritual Awakening Take?

Are you getting a bit antsy for the spiritual results of your meditations, visualizations, and spiritual practice? Once that desire is ignited in you it can feel frustrating trying and waiting for that consciousness expanding experience of spiritual awakening. So how long does it take to have a spiritual awakening? And how long does it last when it does finally happen? Short answer: It may take many lifetimes for you to have your first spiritual awakening, but when it does happen it often hits in an instant. If you have the desire to “wake up” then you’re probably ripe for a spiritual awakening in this lifetime. How long does it take to have a spiritual awakening? Because we live our human experience in time, but our full spiritual reality is outside of time we need to look at this question from a couple different perspectives. You already are enlightened… If we look at spiritual awakening from an absolute perspective, you already are awakened. In the fullest sense where time does not exist but only pure divine consciousness, you are already enlightened. How does this work? To be infinitely conscious means that you are able to fabricate a reality where you feel limited and “not awake”. That is what you are doing here right now. Pretending to be asleep, simply experiencing separation from infinite consciousness. The process of awakening in time is just to remember what has been here the entire time through our awareness. Awakening may take many lifetimes Awakening doesn’t have a set amount of time or lifetimes required for it to happen, but it likely will take many lifetimes (possibly hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes). In the human physical world where we live in the confines of time and space we are subjected to the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation. Spirit decides to come to live a physical human life thus subjecting it to samsara willingly, knowing one day in one lifetime they will awaken and break out of samsara. The eventual way out of this incarnate reality is awakening. Awakening will happen soon. If you’re asking this question and are concerned with your spiritual growth you are likely close to the end of the process. Essentially if you have the desire to awaken you are ripe for a spiritual awakening. Continue to seek spiritual growth and awakening with a pure heart and you will certainly find what you are looking for. See my article “Spiritual awakening at a young age? Yes, it’s possible” How long does a spiritual awakening last? The experience of spiritual awakening often happens in an instant. Awakening is a sudden experience when it does happen. You may find yourself in an awakened state of consciousness that is actually just temporary. An example of this temporary awakening is when a psychedelic user has ego death and merges with reality. Though the experience only lasts as long as the trip does, the insight will likely stay in the user’s mind for long afterwards. It’s important to distinguish the difference between enlightenment and spiritual awakening here. The rare yogi who achieves full enlightenment can stay in an awakened state of consciousness for the rest of their lives and can leave the reincarnation cycle. Most people who have a spiritual awakening aren’t experiencing full enlightenment and thus the experience is temporary. A spiritual awakening experience can last just a few seconds, a couple minutes, hours, or even days.

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