How to Journal For Spiritual Growth & Awakening (5 Prompts)

We’ve all heard the purported benefits of journaling but can it help you awaken spiritually? Well, the hype does have some truth to it. Journaling has many benefits for your spiritual growth which we’ll be uncovering today. I’ll also show you how to journal for spiritual growth properly and give you a few special prompts to try for yourself. Benefits of journaling for spiritual growth Journaling has several spiritual benefits. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to journal, then take a look at the possible benefits that await you. 1. Tracking spiritual insights If you’ve ever had a spiritual awakening you know it’s a profound experience that cannot be described in words. However, after an awakening experience it’s important to remember what happened and why. Journaling about your spiritual experiences and insights is important so you don’t forget later on about the important spiritual information that flashed into your consciousness. Journaling allows you to keep a record of those insights to look back on in the future. 2. Journaling helps with shadow work Journaling can allow you to peak into your subconscious and shadow self. When you write out your thoughts and feelings you may find patterns and hidden things that you wouldn’t normally see. Writing out these thoughts and emotions will give you a peak under the curtain. Going back to read old journal entries can be very helpful when doing shadow work and work on your subconscious. 3. Journaling helps you process your emotions Emotions are a very important part of spiritual growth as our emotions are what motivate us most and signal things to your mind and body. Writing out how certain things, situations, and experiences made you feel will give spiritual insights around those things. Emotions are the primary factor in our astral selves, so emotional work can aid in the growth and balance of our astral bodies. 4. Creating a record of your spiritual progress Journaling allows you to create a record of your spiritual journey. Any time you have a new insight, struggle, or experience write it down. When create a progress record you can look back at previous entries to see how far you’ve come and know that you are making real progress. Having those past entries can help you realize lots of important things later on as well. 5. Journaling helps you get clear When you have a mess of thoughts and emotions all meshing together journaling can help you get clear. Writing out your thoughts and emotions will allow you to begin sorting it out in a less chaotic way. When you get clear on what it is you are feeling and thinking, you can begin changing them. Journaling is one way to bring those muddled thoughts and emotions to the forefront to be seen and processed. Becoming aware of the way you think and feel can lead to spiritual growth by itself. How to journal for spiritual growth So journaling can help with your spiritual growth, great! But how exactly should I go about doing that? 1. Decide when you’re going to journal When are you going to journal? How often are you going to journal? Decide on if journaling is going to be a daily habit, weekly habit, or simply when major events and insights occur. For some creating a habit is best or else they’ll never journal. A daily or weekly habit of journaling also helps to create a consistent record of your experiences and growth. However other people like myself struggle to maintain a journaling habit. The best bet for you is to keep your journal next to your bed and simply write when you feel inspired or when something important needs to be written down. What style fits best for you? 2. Use specific prompts to maximize your insights Free style writing is great and can have awesome benefits by itself. However, if you want to get specific with journaling for spiritual growth you may want to consider using journal prompts. These are questions that you ask yourself and answer in your journal on a consistent basis. Check out the prompts below for examples of some great questions to ask yourself when journaling. 3. Reflect on past entries One of the most important parts of journaling is going back to read old entries. Reading you’re past journal entries gives you insight into your past and may help you connect the dots for your present situation. This is why it’s important to journal when major life events and traumas happen. Past journal entries also show you the progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come. So take some time every once in a while to read a couple entries from the past. 5 journal prompts for spiritual growth and awakening 1. What spiritual insights or experiences can you recall from today? This is a great prompt for people who want to document their spiritual growth without too much structure. 2. When could you have been more mindful/aware today? This prompt helps you find where in your day you’re being unconscious and helps you become more aware of where you could bring more consciousness into your life. 3. Where in your day did you find your spirit feeling most light and joyful? A great prompt to find what nurtures your spirit so you can do more of that thing in the future and foster your inner growth. This is also great for fostering a bit of gratitude from your day. 4. How do you want your future life to look? How would you feel in this future? This question helps you look from your present perspective into the future to get inspired. The goal of this prompt is to help you visualize an inspiring future where your spirit is full and you’re excited for the day. 5. What are 3 things you’re most thankful for today? An oldie but a goodie. Fostering gratitude and love is so important for nurturing your spirit. A simple prompt like

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