Deep PEAT: What is Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence?

What is deep PEAT? PEAT stands for Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence. Deep PEAT is a therapeutic technique that can alleviate emotional conflicts and raise an individual’s conscious awareness, pioneered by Serbian psychologist and spiritual leader Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski. Before you get completely scared away by the mystical sounding name of PEAT let me assure you it is deeply grounded in reality. PEAT is just a fancy name for practicing non-duality. PEAT also goes by the names: “end of words”, “end of thought”, &”Satori Protocol”. The deep PEAT technique can help you process and overcome any situation or conflict that has emotional charge. It is especially useful for healing and accepting traumas. The Non-dual Nature of PEAT PEAT is founded upon a centuries old idea with roots in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Despite its religious roots, PEAT really has nothing to do with religion and can be practiced by any individual of any culture or religious background. Deep PEAT is based on the philosophy of non-duality. Non-duality is the philosophy that everything in reality is one. The only separations and conflicts that we encounter are made up by the human mind. In a state of no-mind there are no separations, there is just the universe as a whole. PEAT takes into account this truth of non-duality and seeks to dissolve the conflict that is encountered by the individual. We as humans separate reality into polarities which inherently cause conflicts: These are examples of some basic polarities that cause a whole host of conflicts in most human beings lives. PEAT is amazing because it allows the individual using it to start to merge these polarities one by one. The PEAT process shows you the illusion of these polarities. With this new perspective and understanding, the conflict caused by the polarity starts to dissolve. Individuals who practice the deep PEAT technique start to release strong emotional charges in their life, leading to a greater sense of peace and well being. PEAT practice leads to a greater feeling of unity within the world and one’s life. Check out’s deep dive into non-duality to learn more about non-duality if you’re a bit confused on the topic. How Does PEAT Work? Step 1 (Defining The Issue) Traditional PEAT is done with a PEAT processor. A processor is someone who has been trained in guiding others through PEAT. The PEAT processor starts the session by identifying the issue that the client wants to work on. For example the client might say they want to work on their self-consciousness. Step 2 (Identifying The Polarities) The next step in the PEAT process is identifying the opposite polarities of the problem. Every emotional conflict has 2 conflicting sides. You see, In order for there to be any conflict at all there must 2 sides fighting each other. We do this with ourselves in our own mind. For the issue of self-consciousness, the 2 sides could simply be: The key here is that they are opposite polarities. Step 3 (Taking Mental Snapshots) Using these 2 polarities, the client must take a mental snapshot of a moment in time where they felt each polarity. Ideally, the snapshot should be detailed and be highly emotionally charged. An example of the “being self-conscious” snapshot might be a memory of when the client felt especially self-conscious when they were bullied in high school. An example of “freedom from self-consciousness” could be a memory when they felt especially confident on a date a few weeks ago. The memory should be a specific moment in time. It’s important to set these snapshots up in as much detail as possible as we will be revisiting them quite a lot in the next steps. Step 4 (Feeling Both Polarities) Step 4 is the longest and most involved part of PEAT. The processor will guide the client back and forth between the polarities and snapshots associated with them. The PEAT processor will ask the client things like “what comes up in the self-conscious snapshot?” and “what does freedom from self-consciousness feel like in that moment?” The client will continually go back and forth between these polarities continually saying what comes up and what they see, think, and feel about each scenario. This may last a few minutes for basic issues or could go on hours for particularly deep problems. Step 5 (Things Start Changing) At some point the polarities or snapshots start to change in the mind. The snapshots might feel somehow different than they did before. This may be confusing or surprising for PEAT first timers Common things that happen during this step are: Step 6 (Merging Polarities) The end result of a PEAT processing session is the complete unification of the original polarities. Think of a Venn diagram. PEAT’s goal is to have both circles of the diagram to cross over each other more and more until they become one circle in the mind. This leads to a greater holistic understanding of the original issue at hand. The emotional charge behind both polarities (good and bad charges) are gone. PEAT leaves you in a pleasantly peaceful & neutral state. People that successfully merge their polarities around an issue are able to better deal with the issue in the future and from a more neutral and less (or not all) emotionally charged place. The original polarities are an illusion that the human mind creates. PEAT helps the human mind see the issue at hand completely. Here is a great example of a PEAT processing by certified PEAT processor Ivana: Variations of PEAT Self-processing PEAT does not have to be a guided experience. This is something that you can learn to do on your own (although it may be more difficult to learn on your own at first). Many choose this option for the sake of saving money and as a self exploration journey. At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Meridian points Some versions of PEAT involve using something called meridian points around

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