The 5 Best Ashrams In The United States

If you search Google maps for ashrams in the US, you’ll likely encounter a lot of low quality spiritual or retreat centers that cost thousands of dollars to attend. True ashrams will cost very little and are welcoming to all seekers looking for spiritual awakening and divine union. Today we’ll be listing our favorite ashrams around the United States that are of the highest quality and integrity. Many of these ashrams you will be allowed extended stays and will work with experienced gurus. So here are Nurture Your Spirit’s best true ashrams to attend in the United States. #1 Truth Consciousness Sacred Mountain Ashram (Boulder, Co) The sacred mountain ashram is situated amongst the most beautiful aspens and pines of Colorado at 9000 feet elevation. This ashram is one of two ashrams under Truth Consciousness. The sacred mountain ashram is set in the middle of silent woodland making it a perfect retreat for inner growth. Swami Amar Jyoti founded this ashram in 1974 for spiritual seekers to find union with the divine in the mountains. Location: Boulder, CO Extended stays: Yes, extended stays can be organized by reaching out with the leadership directly Cost of attending: No cost but donations are welcomed (unknown cost of overnight stays) check it out here. #2 Haidakhandi Universal Ashram (Crestone, CO) Established in 1986 the Haidakhandi Ashram was inspired by the teachings of Haidakhan Babaji and dedicated to the Divine Mother. Daily work and Karma practice is required to stay at the ashram, as well as daily devotional temple services that take place morning and evening. The ashram is situated at the foot of a large mountain in the midst of Colorado’s natural beauty. Location: Crestone, CO Extended stays: Yes, they offer long term extended stays. Cost of attending: Day visits are free but over night stays will cost $36.00/night per person, $180.00/week or $450.00/month. Check it out here. #3 Mount Soma Ashram (Clyde, NC) Mount Soma ashram is a 448-acre Vedic community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina 45 minutes out from Asheville, North Carolina. Mount Soma is designed to help people awaken to their innate divinity and integrate ancient spiritual wisdom with modern life. Michael Mamas based Mount Soma in the Vedic teachings from his guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Location: Clyde, NC Extended stays: For acceptance into the long term program you are required a commitment of a 6 month stay at the ashram. Cost of attending: inquiry needed. It appears attendance is of no cost with a request of donations. Check it out here. #4 Truth Consciousness Desert Ashram (Tucson, AZ) The second Truth Consciousness ashram on this list is their Desert Ashram situated outside of Tucson, AZ. Situated in the Sonoran Desert foothills, the Desert Ashram is located on 26 acres of palms, eucalyptus, native shrubs, cacti, an orchard, and gardens. This ashram has a women’s monastery and limited retreat stays can be schedule by reaching out to the leadership. Location: Tucson, AZ Extended stays: Yes, extended stays can be organized by reaching out with the leadership directly Cost of attending: No cost but donations are welcomed (unknown cost of overnight stays) Check it out here. #5 Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham Ashram (Lodi, CA) The ashram includes a Meditation Hall, Relics Room, Library, and residential facilities. The property includes flower gardens, fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a swimming pool, a yurt, a play area, and a tennis and basketball court. This is a sustainable and self sufficient ashram. Location: Lodi, CA Extended stays: Trial membership lasts 3 months before a possibility of up an additional year stay. After 1 year you have the option of staying for life. Short term retreats are also offered. Cost of attending: unknown, direct inquiries are required. Check it out here. See my list of the 11 Most Spiritual Locations in the United States.

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