What is Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange?

Spiral dynamics stage orange is the fifth level of spiral dynamics that comes after stage blue but before stage green. Stage orange is also known as the achiever and is characterized by achievement, progress, and innovation. Achievement Oriented Individuals in stage orange care about being the best. The focus shifts from collective to individual achievement in this stage. In a stage orange society, everyone is gunning to get ahead of everyone else. It’s back to survival of the fittest, but this time much less violent and much more competitive. A sense of hustle culture develops in stage orange as people push themselves to be the best in whatever they put their energy into. Science and Innovation Stage orange is the age of science and innovation. With people gunning to be the best in whatever they do, societal progress skyrockets. Scientific breakthroughs speed up in stage orange and technology greatly advances. Stage orange is focused on how can we make life better by working hard and innovating new ideas. Industrialism and capitalism reign supreme in stage orange. The competitive achievement mindset is applied to the economy as well. Success in stage orange is measured by GDP, IQ, scientific breakthroughs, and money. Freedom Stage orange throws off the oppressive chains of rigid structure and tradition that stage blue loves so much. If there’s one thing stage orange loves more than achievement it’s freedom. Freedom to explore new ideas, work your way up, and chart your own course in life. Stage Orange Psychology The average stage orange person is rational, scientific, and focused on getting ahead. The stage orange brain believes its value is in hard work and achievement. The greatest fear of stage orange is being useless, purposeless, and not being the best. Someone in stage orange will be deeply ambitious, independent, and will want to carve their own path in life. Examples Pros and Cons Though stage orange is thought to be the stage of greatest external progress, it has many downsides as well. Pros Some of the greatest societal advance and innovation comes from stage orange. Stage orange is a results and goal oriented stage, leading to an abundance of success. Lots of new ideas and technologies are born from stage orange. Cons Stage orange is often materialistic which can distract from real inner growth. This materialism can also be destructive to the environment as products are mass produced for the sake of achievement and monetary growth. Being stage orange can also be hard for people as their internal value is completely tied to external results. Conclusion The focus of stage orange is achievement and progress. Stage orange is materialistic yet innovative. Being the best is held as the pinnacle of life. Your value in stage orange is determined by your individual success and achievement. Find out what stage of spiral dynamics you’re in. Take the free quiz here.

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