What is Spiral Dynamics Stage Red?

Spiral dynamics stage red is the third stage in the model that comes after stage purple, but before stage blue. Stage red is characterized by domination, asserting individual power over others, and gratifying immediate desires without concern for others. Stage red is focused on control, power, and getting what you want as soon as possible. Power The main focus of stage red individuals is power. How much power do you have and how much you can accumulate. This need for power is based in a fear of survival and leads to a mindset of domination. In stage red it’s survival of the fittest. If you can’t keep up, you’re done. That’s the mindset that drives a stage red individual. The need for individual power dominates everything else. The group mindset falls to the wayside in this stage, and individual survival once more prevails. Conquer and Dominate You can often find a group of stage purple individuals being led by a single stage red individual. People in stage red will still use group dynamics if it serves them and they have control over the group. The stage red mindset often leads to conquering of other stage red or stage purple people. Within stage red communities power struggles break out as individuals vie for power. Stage red is often characterized by an admiration for violence as a way to get what you want. Wherever there are a lot of stage red individuals there is bound to be violence. Examples Here are some classic examples of stage red: Any culture, country, or group that is based around complete control using any means necessary is stage red. The positives Though stage red is pretty ruthless it also has it’s positives. Stage red is where innovation may start to begin, though only as a means to accumulate power and control. Stage red may also manifest as bravery, rebelliousness, and changing old hierarchies. Stage red pushes the boundaries and traditions set by its predecessor stage purple. Red Psychology Stage red individuals are egocentric and have a strong desire to enforce their will onto the world. They are not interested in rules or regulations. They’d rather do things their way over anyone else’s. Red individuals can be incredibly charismatic and inspiring. This combined with their ability to get things done makes them great leaders. However their leadership can appear sociopathic as they get things done at just about any cost. Anger and aggression are hallmark characteristics of stage red as they constantly feel their power is under threat. Conclusion Stage red is developed as a response to stage purple, as an individual breaks free of group think to accomplish what it is they desire for themselves. Power and domination by any means is often the main focus of stage red. Though stage red is chaotic and destructive, it is important for our development as we learn to break free from the collective and develop our individuality. Find out what spiral dynamic stage you’re in. Take the free quiz here.

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