Body Vibrations During Meditation: Causes & Explanation

Vibrations, humming, tingles, and buzzing in the body are to be expected at different times on your meditative journey. I’ve experienced all kinds of strange energy in my body while meditating and practicing other spiritual techniques. Here’s the basic reason it happens: You may simply be tapping into bodily sensations like your heartbeat. It’s also very possible that you’re awakening specific types of spiritual energy in your body. This can happen when chakras become activated, kundalini awakens, or when you begin shifting into the astral. In almost all of these scenarios you are perfectly safe. Why your body is vibrating during meditation There are so many possible causes of body vibrations during meditation. We’ll start off by discussing the most mundane and likely causes of this body buzzing. Later we’ll discuss what it means in specific locations in the body. You are feeling your heartbeat The simplest explanation for feeling vibrations in your body is that you’re becoming aware of the sensations of the heart. Your heart can create vibrations in your chest and body. The blood being pushed around your vessels can cause a subtle buzzing feeling when you sit still and quiet enough. Though this can be frightening at first, it’s totally normal and you’ll get used to the feeling with further mindful practice. Hyperventilation body tingles Another possibility is that your body tingles may be caused by your breathing. If you’re breathing deeply and intensely you may be experiencing a phenomenon known as respiratory alkalosis. Breathing too heavily while meditating can cause a reduction in the CO2 in your blood to a point that causes your blood pH to change. This change can cause tingling and buzzing in your body, often starting with your toes and fingers while working its way up into the body. This can be easily reversed by slowing down your breathing. Vibrating in your forehead If you experience vibrations specifically in your forehead during meditation you may be activating your third eye chakra. This happened to me during a spiritual practice right before I broke into vivid consciousness. Buzzing or vibration in your forehead is a sign of third eye activation. This happens when a lot of bodily and spiritual energy becomes active in this specific energy center of the body. The intensity of this buzzing can often be very uncomfortable. Vibrating in your throat Meditation can cause the awakening of all kinds of energy centers in the body. One such energy center is the throat chakra. If you feel vibrating in your throat you may be opening your throat chakra. This is a rarer symptom of throat chakra activation, but nonetheless does happen. If your throat is buzzing during meditation you can simply mindfully observe it or begin humming along with it to enhance the throat chakra opening. Vibrating in your chest The chest is a common location for vibrations to occur in during meditation. This is because the heart, one of the greatest energy centers in your spiritual system, is located here. You may simply be feeling your heart beating more intensely due to an increase in awareness. But you may also be opening your heart energy center during meditation. It’s a common experience among meditators and often catches them off guard. The opening of your heart chakra can be very intense including symptoms like: When this occurs simply surrender and relax. Allow the heart to open and enjoy the experience. Vibrating in your hips Vibrations in your lower body, base of the spine, and hips are signs of sacral chakra activation. This is also a sign of awakening Kundalini. Your Kundalini is held dormant at the base of the spine and can begin shooting up the body when activated. This can be a very intense vibratory experience. Chakra openings of any kind can cause vibrations in the body, and kundalini can forcibly open up your chakras. It’s entirely possible that your meditation practice can cause this to happen. Kundalini can also manifest itself as body convulsions, shaking, and shivering. An important note about Kundalini If you think you may have accidentally activated your kundalini it’s important to handle it correctly. Mishandled Kundalini can result in Kundalini Syndrome. See my guide to handling an unexpected Kundalini awakening. Your body is preparing for astral projection You may be getting into such a deep meditative state that your consciousness is preparing for an out of body astral experience. The state that comes before astral projection is known as “The Vibratory Stage“. In this stage of the astral projection process your body will begin to intensely vibrate from head to toe. Once in the vibratory stage you can begin visualizing yourself rising from your sleeping body to enter into an out of body experience. This is a very real phenomenon. You can induce this vibratory stage of astral projection in your meditations by practicing VELO (Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation). How to handle body vibrations during meditation You have 3 main options when you’re experiencing body vibrations. Not all options are best for every situation. It’s best to discern which is best for yourself. 1. Stop meditating If this is too uncomfortable for you simply stop meditating and try again tomorrow. These vibrations can sometimes be scary and uncomfortable so it’s okay to just stop. Sometimes, stopping meditation won’t work. In that case follow option #2. 2. Surrender to it You have the option of observing and allowing the buzzing in your body. This is my preferred method. This will allow you to figure out what is going exactly and why. Surrendering to the vibrations will also facilitate the flow and eventual dissolution of the energy in your body. 3. Intensify it In some scenarios you may want to intensify and expand the energy and vibrations in your body. This is likely the case if you want to continue into an astral projection experience or if you want to open one of your chakras that is activating. There are specific practices you can do

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