Weight Loss During Spiritual Awakening? Yes, It Happens

If you’re having a spiritual awakening and you recently started losing weight there might be more going on underneath the surface. Spiritual shifts can result in physical changes to your mind and body. Yes, spiritual awakening can cause a reduction in your weight. There can absolutely be a correlation between awakening and weight loss. Let’s dive into a couple causes for this. The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected. A shift in one can lead to drastic changes in the other. Many people who undergo spiritual awakenings find that other aspects of their life improve alongside their spiritual growth. An upward shift in consciousness may trigger a long lasting change in your way of thinking which in turn changes the way your body looks and feels. Why You Might Lose Weight From Spiritual Awakening #1 You’re becoming aware of bad habits A spiritual awakening can increase your resting state of awareness. In this increased state on consciousness it may be easier to see unhealthy patterns and eating habits. Once you see what is causing suffering for your body you will begin cutting out the habits that may lead to weight gain. This overall reduction in bad habits from spiritual awakening can cause weight loss. #2 You have more self love After spiritual awakening you may feel more compassion for yourself. One of the biggest causes of overeating is feeling shame and engaging in negative self talk leading you to self sooth with food. It can become a nasty cycle that leads to weight gain. Spiritual awakening can foster a deep love for yourself, those around you, and all of existence. You then start to let go of that shame and negative self talk. With greater self compassion you may begin to naturally eat healthier. #3 You raised your vibration A spiritual awakening can permanently increase your resting vibration. Some people believe that your resting vibration can actually affect your metabolism. A higher vibration will cause an energetic shift in your body. Though there’s no real evidence for this happening, it’s possible that other positive life changes that accompany awakening can change your physical metabolism. #4 You’ve lost your appetite Many people experience spiritual awakening anxiety and depression. Both of these can lead to a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite due to spiritual awakening can then lead to a loss of weight. The Best Diet For Spiritual Awakening The best diet for spiritual awakening is simply a healthy diet full of whole foods and low in added sugar. This diet will optimize your mental state for clear consciousness for awakening. Some traditions encourage the adoption of a vegetarian diet for maximum spiritual benefits including a reduction in karma and an increased awareness. The diets often recommended for the most spiritual benefits are usually conducive to weight loss. Fasting For Spiritual Awakening Many spiritual traditions practice fasting for spiritual growth. Fasting can create a clear state of mind that can allow for greater spiritual insights. Meditating while fasting can be a particularly potent practice for spiritual awakening. Fasting can amplify the consciousness boosting effects of meditation leading to possible awakenings. While fasting for weight loss isn’t the goal with this particular practice, it may still be an unintentional result. Mindful eating The increase in awareness that can accompany a spiritual awakening can cause you to live much more mindfully and presently. This mindfulness may start to permeate all areas of your life. When you eat mindfully you will slow down and enjoy more. You will also notice who certain foods make you feel. When you notice that junk food actually makes you feel worse you’ll start to ditch those foods all together. This can also inadvertently cause weight loss. Conclusion Many aspects of your spiritual awakening journey can be the culprit of a reduction in weight. From increased awareness of bad habits to unintentionally losing weight with particular spiritual practices, your spiritual path can create the conditions for weight loss.

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