What Causes A Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening can be such a mysterious thing if you’re just finding out about this mystical side of life. Perhaps you’ve even decided that you want to experience awakening for yourself.

How do you even experience it? What are the things that cause a spiritual awakening?

What Causes Spiritual Awakening?

Many things can cause a spiritual awakening. There are certain spiritual techniques that can trigger a spiritual awakening as well as the possibility of it happening by random chance or by working with a guru.

There are many potential input factors that can cause a spiritual awakening you should know about.

Here are all of the things that can cause a spiritual awakening:

1. Major life events

Major changes in our lives can shake things up so much that we trigger an awakening.

According to current spiritual awakening statistics, the most common cause of spiritual awakening is “psychological turmoil” causing around 23.6% of awakenings.

During these periods of drastic change we can begin to view reality from a new point of view. If the perspective shift is just right or intense enough, it can cause a spiritual awakening.

Some of these major/ traumatic life events include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Moving cities, states, or countries
  • Quitting or changing jobs
  • Breakups or divorce

This is also a reason why spiritual awakenings can be lonely and hard.

2. Spontaneous awakening

Sometimes there is no reason for a spiritual awakening. It may just strike you like lightning for no apparent reason or at least appear so.

Some people are meant to awaken from birth. You could say it’s their destiny in a way, especially if they’re an old soul.

For some people awakening happens randomly and naturally. Like the moment a great inventor stumbles upon his next great idea, some advanced souls just stumble upon profound spiritual experiences, insights, and awakenings naturally.

3. Working with a guru

One thing that is guaranteed to speed up the awakening process is working with a spiritual master.

If you’re learning from a guru who is enlightened or awakened they will be able to pass on that information and wisdom to you faster than you could attain on your own.

If the guru is enlightened enough, they can give you direct spiritual downloads just be being in your presence or by touching you. This direct transfer of divine grace is known as shaktipata in the Hindu tradition.

The bigger problem with this is actually finding a truly awakened guru.

4. Psychedelics

Something that can cause a spiritual awakening in you in a very immediate way are psychedelics.

Psychedelics are potent substances that drastically change your consciousness. Many report that the states encountered are blissful, divine, and expansive.

Others report that psychedelics helped them achieve breakthroughs in their understanding of the divine.

These substances include:

  • Psilocybin mushrooms
  • LSD
  • DMT
  • THC
  • Mescaline

A common experience on high doses of these substances is the dissolution of the ego and mergence with divine consciousness.

5. Divine grace

It may be entirely possible that your spiritual awakening was divinely orchestrated. You may have spirit guides working to help you wake up in this lifetime.

You may have no control or say in the matter and simply be blessed with an awakening from seemingly nowhere.

This spiritual wisdom experience may be given to you as a gift randomly by the divine.

6. Near death experiences

Near death experiences are commonly reported to be mystical and transcendent experiences. In fact, near death experiences by themselves can be thought of as a kind of awakening.

People who experienced a near death situation come back to say their perspective on reality is forever changed.

Near death experiences are sometimes also out of body experiences, leading to realizations that there is more to life than just the physical body.

7. Spiritual practices & techniques

There are many spiritual practices and techniques that have been developed over many thousands of years that can aid in the awakening process.

I triggered a kundalini awakening in myself after practicing a particularly powerful visualization technique.

Here are some practices and techniques that may cause a spiritual awakening:

Some are more potent than others. Different practices may be right for you depending on the speed and intensity you want for your spiritual growth.

Wrapping up

Knowing what causes a spiritual awakening is important for knowing what direction you want to take next in your spiritual journey. Though many things are out of your control on this journey, many aspects are. What you can control, you should know about to awaken your spirit as fully as wanted in this lifetime.

Find out what stage of your spiritual journey you’re in. Take the spiritual awakening quiz here.

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