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Can You Stop A Spiritual Awakening?

Not all spiritual awakenings are full of bliss and glory. Sometimes our awakening experience can end up being scary and dreadful. If you’re going through a particularly unpleasant spiritual awakening you may be wondering if you can stop a spiritual awakening. The short answer is no. Most of the time if a spiritual awakening has begun the best way out of the experience is to surrender to it. That being said there are many things in your control during this experience that can help mitigate the unpleasant effects of spiritual awakening. Key Takeaways Understanding Spiritual Awakening To answer this question, let’s first understand what a spiritual awakening is and how it unfolds. Spiritual awakening is a process of transformation in which an individual experiences a profound shift in their consciousness. There are all types of awakening and not all of them are pleasant in the beginning. During a spiritual awakening, you’ll likely experience a range of emotions, from fear and confusion to joy and bliss. This intense swinging of emotions can feel like too much to handle. This can lead you to trying to stop it all together. Common Unpleasant Symptoms Many people have negative experiences at some part of their awakening journey. Here are some of the signs and symptoms some people experience that makes them want to stop the process: If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a sign that you are going through a difficult spiritual awakening. It’s important to remember that this is a natural process and that it can be a positive and transformative experience. Can You Stop a Spiritual Awakening? If you are experiencing a difficult spiritual awakening, you may be wondering if it’s possible to stop it. The answer is no. Once a spiritual awakening has started there’s no stopping it. The only way out of the experience is through it. This can be a terrifying response to hear. I don’t say that to scare you, but to show you the path forward. You must face the experience head on, and sometimes that can even feel like charging head on into death itself. While it may be tempting to resist your awakening, it’s crucial to know that this experience is entirely natural. You might be just moments away from utter peace and bliss. Your Resistance Creates Your Suffering Let’s say you really want out of your awakening. How do we get out if we can’t stop it from happening? Surrender. The way out of your suffering is by utterly surrendering to the experience. Your awakening is happening for a reason. Trust the universe and allow it happen. Your resistance to it mentally, physically, and spiritually is the very thing that can make your awakening unpleasant. Some people don’t realize how much they resist life until they are forced to surrender to a challenging spiritual awakening. Why You’re Resisting Your Awakening There may be several reasons why you might want to stop a spiritual awakening. Perhaps you’re afraid of the changes that are happening, or you feel like you are losing control. The changes that can come from awakening can truly be drastic. Though you will be different after your awakening it’s almost always for the better. Your life will change for the better. There can also be a lot of fear involved in the raising of consciousness itself. Having your consciousness blasted up 20x can be unlike anything you’ve known. Sometimes this can even feel like you’re going to die. Or rather your ego might die (ego death). But I promise you will live to see another day if you simply surrender. Support and Guidance If you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, you don’t have to go it alone. Here are some ways you can find the spiritual support you need: Reach Out To Me Honestly I’d be happy to help you through your awakening. Just find the “contact” tab at the bottom of the page and shoot me an email. Finding a Spiritual Mentor If you’re struggling to cope with the changes that come with a spiritual awakening, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a spiritual mentor. You can find a spiritual guide using the MyGuru spiritual mentor directory on our website. A good guide can carry you through a particularly difficult awakening experience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these potential guides! Frequently Asked Questions Is it possible to reverse a spiritual awakening? Once a spiritual awakening has occurred, it cannot be reversed. It is possible to manage the effects of the awakening and find ways to integrate it into your life. What techniques can help manage overwhelming spiritual experiences? There are several techniques that can help manage overwhelming spiritual experiences. You can try meditation, grounding exercises, working out, taking time in nature, and seeking support from a trusted spiritual advisor. What are the signs that a spiritual awakening is coming to an end? This can vary from person to person because awakening is different for everyone. Some common signs include a sense of peace and acceptance, decreased anxiety, and a increased love for yourself and others.

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Weight Loss During Spiritual Awakening? Yes, It Happens

If you’re having a spiritual awakening and you recently started losing weight there might be more going on underneath the surface. Spiritual shifts can result in physical changes to your mind and body. Yes, spiritual awakening can cause a reduction in your weight. There can absolutely be a correlation between awakening and weight loss. Let’s dive into a couple causes for this. The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Mind, body, and spirit are intricately connected. A shift in one can lead to drastic changes in the other. Many people who undergo spiritual awakenings find that other aspects of their life improve alongside their spiritual growth. An upward shift in consciousness may trigger a long lasting change in your way of thinking which in turn changes the way your body looks and feels. Why You Might Lose Weight From Spiritual Awakening #1 You’re becoming aware of bad habits A spiritual awakening can increase your resting state of awareness. In this increased state on consciousness it may be easier to see unhealthy patterns and eating habits. Once you see what is causing suffering for your body you will begin cutting out the habits that may lead to weight gain. This overall reduction in bad habits from spiritual awakening can cause weight loss. #2 You have more self love After spiritual awakening you may feel more compassion for yourself. One of the biggest causes of overeating is feeling shame and engaging in negative self talk leading you to self sooth with food. It can become a nasty cycle that leads to weight gain. Spiritual awakening can foster a deep love for yourself, those around you, and all of existence. You then start to let go of that shame and negative self talk. With greater self compassion you may begin to naturally eat healthier. #3 You raised your vibration A spiritual awakening can permanently increase your resting vibration. Some people believe that your resting vibration can actually affect your metabolism. A higher vibration will cause an energetic shift in your body. Though there’s no real evidence for this happening, it’s possible that other positive life changes that accompany awakening can change your physical metabolism. #4 You’ve lost your appetite Many people experience spiritual awakening anxiety and depression. Both of these can lead to a loss of appetite. This loss of appetite due to spiritual awakening can then lead to a loss of weight. The Best Diet For Spiritual Awakening The best diet for spiritual awakening is simply a healthy diet full of whole foods and low in added sugar. This diet will optimize your mental state for clear consciousness for awakening. Some traditions encourage the adoption of a vegetarian diet for maximum spiritual benefits including a reduction in karma and an increased awareness. The diets often recommended for the most spiritual benefits are usually conducive to weight loss. Fasting For Spiritual Awakening Many spiritual traditions practice fasting for spiritual growth. Fasting can create a clear state of mind that can allow for greater spiritual insights. Meditating while fasting can be a particularly potent practice for spiritual awakening. Fasting can amplify the consciousness boosting effects of meditation leading to possible awakenings. While fasting for weight loss isn’t the goal with this particular practice, it may still be an unintentional result. Mindful eating The increase in awareness that can accompany a spiritual awakening can cause you to live much more mindfully and presently. This mindfulness may start to permeate all areas of your life. When you eat mindfully you will slow down and enjoy more. You will also notice who certain foods make you feel. When you notice that junk food actually makes you feel worse you’ll start to ditch those foods all together. This can also inadvertently cause weight loss. Conclusion Many aspects of your spiritual awakening journey can be the culprit of a reduction in weight. From increased awareness of bad habits to unintentionally losing weight with particular spiritual practices, your spiritual path can create the conditions for weight loss.

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Is Awakening Actually Real? (Or Just Spiritual Fiction)

If you’ve been exploring spirituality or the self-help world, you’ve likely come across the term “awakening.” You’ve probably heard stories of people who have had profound spiritual experiences, but aren’t sure if it’s real or not. So is awakening actually real? or is it just a metaphorical concept created by spiritual teachers and writers? Key Takeaways Is Spiritual Awakening Real? Many people who have experienced awakening describe it as a real, tangible phenomenon that has transformed their lives in profound ways. They report feeling more connected to themselves, others, and the world around them. After awakening people tend to experience a sense of peace and joy that they never thought was possible. There are however those who argue that awakening is nothing more than a myth or a delusion made up by spiritual fanatics. They might make the argument that the experiences people describe are simply the result of unknown psychological or neurological processes. People who claim this haven’t experienced awakening. Spiritual awakening is a 100% real and achievable phenomenon. How do I know? Because I’ve had plenty of them. All kinds of awakenings. Can you believe that there are multiple types of awakenings?? The Nature of Awakening Defining Spiritual Awakening Spiritual awakening is a term used to describe a profound shift in consciousness. Awakening is often accompanied by a sense of liberation, clarity, and connectedness to something greater than oneself. It is a process of becoming more aware of the true nature of reality and one’s place within it. The experience of awakening is often described as a sudden realization. The moment of awakening can be caused by many things including meditation, psychedelic substances, near-death experiences, or simply a deep desire for spiritual growth. While there is no one-size-fits-all definition of awakening, some common themes include a sense of oneness with all things, a recognition of the impermanence of all phenomena, and a release from the grip of the ego. Historical Context and Philosophies The concept of spiritual awakening has been present in various forms throughout human history. In many Eastern traditions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, awakening is seen as the ultimate goal of spiritual practice. It is often described as a state of enlightenment and/or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. In the West, the concept of awakening has been popularized by the New Age movement and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, and Adyashanti. Listening to one of those guys is maybe what got you curious enough to google if awakening is even real at all! There is no shortage of philosophical and spiritual frameworks that attempt to explain the nature of awakening. Ultimately spiritual awakening is a deeply personal and subjective experience that cannot be fully captured by words or concepts. It is up to each individual to explore their own path of awakening, and to remain open to the possibility of transformation and growth. Debating Reality vs. Fiction As you delve deeper into the concept of awakening, you may encounter different perspectives on whether it is real or just fiction. Psychological Perspectives From a psychological standpoint, some experts argue that awakening may be a result of certain mental states, such as meditation or altered states of consciousness. These states can lead to a sense of clarity and connection with the world around you, but they may also just be some form of hallucination. To this argument I would ask how do the scientists know that their reality isn’t the hallucination and awakening isn’t closer to true reality? Those that have experienced awakenings know how indescribably real it is. Cultural and Religious Views Some may be skeptical of awakening because they’re skeptical of religion in general. This makes complete sense to me as religion can make a mess of spirituality and misinterpret the truth behind dogma and scripture. Awakening is fundamentally a non-religious universal experience that anyone of any culture and religion can have. Awakening transcends all human boundaries placed on it. Though different religions may claim awakening is some form of mystical experience unique to their tradition, it is in fact not. Personal Testimonies and Skepticism Many people claim to have experienced awakening firsthand. Skeptics, on the other hand, may question the validity of these experiences, arguing that they are subjective and difficult to verify. The truth of the matter is that you have to experience awakening for yourself to know. You don’t even have to pay anyone to teach you! With the internet at your fingertips you have all of the resources necessary for spiritual awakening. If you would like to find a spiritual mentor check out the MyGuru directory on our site to connect with an experienced guide.

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How Long Does Spiritual Awakening Take?

Are you getting a bit antsy for the spiritual results of your meditations, visualizations, and spiritual practice? Once that desire is ignited in you it can feel frustrating trying and waiting for that consciousness expanding experience of spiritual awakening. So how long does it take to have a spiritual awakening? And how long does it last when it does finally happen? Short answer: It may take many lifetimes for you to have your first spiritual awakening, but when it does happen it often hits in an instant. If you have the desire to “wake up” then you’re probably ripe for a spiritual awakening in this lifetime. How long does it take to have a spiritual awakening? Because we live our human experience in time, but our full spiritual reality is outside of time we need to look at this question from a couple different perspectives. You already are enlightened… If we look at spiritual awakening from an absolute perspective, you already are awakened. In the fullest sense where time does not exist but only pure divine consciousness, you are already enlightened. How does this work? To be infinitely conscious means that you are able to fabricate a reality where you feel limited and “not awake”. That is what you are doing here right now. Pretending to be asleep, simply experiencing separation from infinite consciousness. The process of awakening in time is just to remember what has been here the entire time through our awareness. Awakening may take many lifetimes Awakening doesn’t have a set amount of time or lifetimes required for it to happen, but it likely will take many lifetimes (possibly hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes). In the human physical world where we live in the confines of time and space we are subjected to the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation. Spirit decides to come to live a physical human life thus subjecting it to samsara willingly, knowing one day in one lifetime they will awaken and break out of samsara. The eventual way out of this incarnate reality is awakening. Awakening will happen soon. If you’re asking this question and are concerned with your spiritual growth you are likely close to the end of the process. Essentially if you have the desire to awaken you are ripe for a spiritual awakening. Continue to seek spiritual growth and awakening with a pure heart and you will certainly find what you are looking for. See my article “Spiritual awakening at a young age? Yes, it’s possible” How long does a spiritual awakening last? The experience of spiritual awakening often happens in an instant. Awakening is a sudden experience when it does happen. You may find yourself in an awakened state of consciousness that is actually just temporary. An example of this temporary awakening is when a psychedelic user has ego death and merges with reality. Though the experience only lasts as long as the trip does, the insight will likely stay in the user’s mind for long afterwards. It’s important to distinguish the difference between enlightenment and spiritual awakening here. The rare yogi who achieves full enlightenment can stay in an awakened state of consciousness for the rest of their lives and can leave the reincarnation cycle. Most people who have a spiritual awakening aren’t experiencing full enlightenment and thus the experience is temporary. A spiritual awakening experience can last just a few seconds, a couple minutes, hours, or even days.

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Spiritual Awakening At A Young Age? Yes, It’s Possible

Enlightened master Sri Ramana Maharshi became enlightened at just 16 years of age in 1896. There are many examples throughout history of people who have had spiritual awakenings early in life, so this isn’t a secluded event. But what does it mean if you have a spiritual awakening or enlightenment experience at a young age? Is spiritual awakening at a young age even possible for you? Spiritual awakening can happen at any age. Though the average age of spiritual awakening is 28.7 years of age according to a recent 2023 study, enlightenment experiences can happen significantly earlier in life. > see also How Many People Are Spiritually Awake? (Awakening Statistics) What is a spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening refers to the experience of shifting your consciousness through profound spiritual realization. They are moments in time where you have a perspective altering spiritual insight. Enlightenment on the other hand is a term that refers to complete and absolute understanding of the universe and reality. A spiritual awakening is how we become more enlightened. Can You Have A Spiritual Awakening At A Young Age? The age of the physical human being does not matter here, it is the age of the soul that matters. If you are an old and spiritually advanced soul, then you will experience spiritual awakening much earlier in your life. Spiritual awakening can happen at any age. There are plenty of examples of young people becoming enlightened or having spiritual awakenings throughout history. The most notable example of a young person experiencing spiritual awakening is Ramana Maharshi. He was just 16 when he become fully enlightened! Could you imagine if you were that wise before becoming a legal adult? In the Hindu literature there are stories of Krishna being completely awake and enlightened as a baby! Though the vast majority of people that do end up having a spiritual awakening experience will have one in adulthood. A study in 2023 found that the average age of spiritual awakening is 28.7 years of age. What Does It Mean To Wake Up At A Young Age? If you are experiencing spiritual awakening in your teens or early 20s it means that you have an old and spiritually advanced soul. This means you’ve done a lot of spiritual development in past lives. The part of you that is infinite and without physical form (your soul) is well developed and has been in physical form for probably hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes before this one. You are probably nearing the end of your reincarnations in the physical form on Earth if you have a spiritual awakening that young. Conclusion You can have a spiritual awakening at any age. It is not the age of the physical being that matters, rather it is the age and development of the soul. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual path, so you shouldn’t be too worried if you either haven’t had a spiritual awakening yet or are experiencing spiritual awakening at a very young age. Go with flow of your path and allow your life to unfold how the soul desires. Good luck spiritual seeker 🙂

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How Many People Are Spiritually Awake? (Statistics)

Determining the amount of spiritually awakened people in the world is a tricky endeavor because “spiritually awake” is a subjective term. According to the research on spiritual awakenings, between 34% and 41% of people have had a spiritually transformative event in their lives. However, according to independent polling the number of people who have actually had a spiritual awakening is only 8.2%. Experts estimate that only 0.0001% of the population is fully enlightened. According to Google trends the term “spiritual awakening” has been getting consistently more popular as a search term. More people are interested in spiritual awakening or have had a spiritual awakening than ever before. Clearly there is at the very least more interest in spiritual awakening than in the past. I also suspect, there are more people who have experienced a spiritual awakening than ever before as well. Defining Spiritual Awakening How do you determine the difference between enlightenment and spiritual awakening? Let’s take a closer look at the two terms. Spiritual Awakening When we talk about spiritual awakening we’re talking about specific events that cause profound shifts in consciousness that are spiritual in nature. The scientific literature calls these Spiritually Transformative Experiences aka (STEs). STEs are defined as: “a mystical experience involving feelings of expansion (including conscious awareness leaving the body), energy rising up the spine, a sense of being enveloped in light, love or part of a unified energetic field.” (see source here) Learn more about the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening here. Enlightenment Enlightenment on the other hand is the spectrum of how spiritually awake someone is. Spiritual awakenings lead to an increase in an individual’s enlightenment. Full enlightenment is an incredibly rare occurrence, and is completely different from single spiritual awakening experiences. The amount of fully enlightened masters is thought to be extremely small. Spiritual Awakening Statistics So what does the data say? Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from research, polls, & experts in the field. Has had an STE (according to research) Has had a spiritual awakening (reddit poll) Reddit poll calculated with viewers who didn’t vote Fully enlightened according to experts Percentage of the population 41% 34% 8.2% 0.0001% The Scientific Literature One study released in 2022 researched how prevalent spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) were in the population and sought out to describe what those awakening experiences were like. The study used prior research from a Gallup poll that found STEs to affect around 41% of the population. This particular study also found that the average age for a spiritual awakening is around 28.7 years of age. My Independent Research I felt like 41% was a pretty high number, so I decided to run a poll of my own. I asked a general reddit community r/polls “Have you ever experienced a spiritual awakening?” Here were the results: I received 61 responses, of which roughly 34% said they had experienced a spiritual awakening. This could be an artificially high percentage as 195 additional people viewed the poll but did not vote. It’s possible the poll is biased, as people that didn’t know what spiritual awakening is simply didn’t vote. If we redo the math and assume that those that didn’t vote hadn’t experienced a spiritual awakening we get 8.2% (the math being 256 total ÷ 21 that experienced a spiritual awakening) which seems to be a more realistic number. I suspect that if everyone voted on the poll the true percentage would be closer to 10-15%. And even that number is higher than I expected! Before I dug into the research I would have suspected only around 5% or less of the population to have experienced a spiritual awakening. According To Experts Aside from research and polling data, we should consider what the spiritual experts say about how many people are spiritually awake/ enlightened. Spiritual expert Ken Wilber estimates the number of fully enlightened individuals to be around 0.0001% of the population, or 1,000 totally enlightened masters from every 1,000,000,000 people. This estimate is only taking into account fully spiritually developed individuals, not the average person that has a one-off STE or spiritual awakening experience. Statistical Causes Of Awakening Another area of awakening that has research to back it up is the causes of spiritual awakening experience. Steve Taylor published a research paper in which he calculated the causes of spiritual awakenings. Taylor surprisingly found that the #1 cause of spiritual awakenings was psychological turmoil like depression or traumatic events at 23.6%. Out of 161 reports of spiritual awakenings here were their causes: Causes of spiritual awakening Number of people Percentage (%) Psychological Turmoil 38 23.6% Nature 29 18% Meditation 21 13% Watching an Arts Performance 21 13% No Discernable Trigger 11 6.8% Drugs 8 4.9% Participating in Creative Performance 7 4.3% Athletic Activity 7 4.3% Sleep Deprivation 6 3.7% Reading Spiritual Literature 4 2.5% Fasting 3 1.9% Sex 3 1.9% Prayer 3 1.9% Surprisingly, Taylor’s research indicates that the number one cause of spiritual awakenings are actually things considered psychological turmoil like depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences, while the least common way that spiritual awakening occurred was through prayer. Things To Consider Spiritual awakening is a difficult thing to measure, and all estimates and polling data should be taken with a grain of salt. Spiritual awakening is a subjective and personal experience that may be different for everyone. Polls are subject to a lot of bias and their results aren’t always accurate to the true population. I think the takeaway here should be that spiritual awakening is on the rise as noted by the google trends data, and that it’s likely that more people have had spiritually profound experiences than we might have previously thought. There tends to be a cultural taboo around talking about these spiritually transcendent events, but the truth is that it’s far more common than initially thought. With spiritual awakenings on the rise, it’s important to know you’re not alone. It’s also important to note how spiritual awakening and enlightenment are different.

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Awakening Vs. Enlightenment: What’s The Difference?

If you’re a spiritual seeker you’ve probably heard the terms “awakening” and “enlightenment” before. When I first started my spiritual journey I wondered what the difference was between these 2 terms and they often confused me. Are awakening and enlightenment interchangeable words? Are they different spiritual processes? What is the difference between “awakening” and “enlightenment”? Awakening refers to the process of attaining higher consciousness and greater insight, whereas enlightenment can be thought of as a spectrum of how conscious and aware of universal truth you are. Enlightenment is the scale that you gauge your consciousness from. Are you fully enlightened? Partially enlightened? Awakening is more like a verb however. It’s the process of “waking up” to divine truth. The historical context of awakening and enlightenment The English word enlightenment comes from the word Bodhi in Buddhism which means “the knowledge or wisdom of a Buddha”. However, where things get interesting is that Buddhism also has another separate word for awakening. The word they use is Budh which is a verb and means “awakening” or “to awaken”. So Buddhism has 2 separate words that are equivalent to the English version of awakening and enlightenment. Buddhist word: English translation: Part of speech: Bodhi Enlightenment; the knowledge of a Buddha noun Budh Awakening; to awaken verb The Buddhists knew the difference between these two terms and their significance. What is awakening? The term awakening originates from the image of waking up in the morning. We awaken from a dream into what we know to be a truer reality. In spiritual awakening we once again awaken to an even greater reality than we thought we were in. Notice how awakening is used like a verb here. Spiritual awakening is the process of realizing greater spiritual truth and insight. Those individual moments of spiritual breakthrough are what we would call a spiritual awakening. > see my article “What Is A Spiritual Awakening?” Awakening is a moment and a process of insight and greater clarity. What is enlightenment? Enlightenment on the other hand is more about our greater continual state of consciousness. If enlightenment is the scale on which we measure our level consciousness, awakenings are the things that can move us up into greater enlightenment. Awakenings will lead to greater enlightenment. Buddha for example can be known as a fully enlightened individual, meaning he topped out his awareness and understanding of the universe. He awakened fully. Whereas if you had your first awakening yesterday, you may have woken up so to speak but you are by no means fully enlightened. This also means that we are able to have multiple spiritual awakenings on our path towards greater enlightenment. > see my article “Can You Have Multiple Spiritual Awakenings?” You see, enlightenment is the spectrum of how awake we are. How other spiritual seekers define them At the end of the day, these words mean different things to different people. Because of this subjectivity involved I asked a community of spiritual seekers what they thought about the differences between awakening and enlightenment. Anonymous reddit user spirit_is_fire said: Whereas this seeker seemed to say that it doesn’t really matter and that there isn’t much of a difference: I think this spiritual seeker said it the best: These words are subjective and will mean different things to different people. Whatever definitions you find most helpful for “awakening” and “enlightenment” is fine as long as it makes sense to you and your journey. I hope my take on the difference between enlightenment and awakening can give you some clarity on the topic, especially since there appears to be many different ways of interpreting them. Conclusion Though there may be subjective differences when it comes to the words “awakening” and “enlightenment” I have found in my personal experience and in Buddhist literature that they have distinctly different meanings. Awakening tends to point to the process of raising your consciousness and is defined by moments of spiritual insight. Whereas enlightenment is the spectrum on which we measure how much we’ve woken up. In my personal opinion, awakening is how we become more enlightened. Discover what stage of your spiritual awakening journey you’re in. Take the free quiz here.

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Can You Have Multiple Spiritual Awakenings?

If you’re on the spiritual path and have had an awakening, you might be wondering how many awakenings you can have or if you can have more than one. Is awakening a one and done event? Or is it something that can continually happen again and again? The answer is that you can definitely have multiple spiritual awakenings. In fact, you can have a near infinite number of profound spiritual experiences on your spiritual journey. The first awakening I ever had was realizing that I am not my body. I detached my sense of self from my body in that moment. A year later I had a profound kundalini awakening or an awakening of divine energy in my body. I’m constantly having new spiritual insights and awakenings. The journey down the rabbit hole of awakening never ends! Which makes the journey all that much more fun. What Is A Spiritual Awakening? A spiritual awakening is any profound experience that raises your consciousness and shifts your understanding of reality. They are moments of experiencing divine truth. After a spiritual awakening your understanding of reality will change. These experiences are often described as intense, beautiful, and expansive. > see my article “What Is A Spiritual Awakening?” What Are The Different Types Of Spiritual Awakening? There are all kinds of spiritual awakenings you can have. Most of these profound experiences don’t have a specific name, rather each awakening is its own unique thing. There are a couple well documented types of spiritual awakening however. See “7 Major Types of Spiritual Awakening” for more. 1. Death of The Ego One form of spiritual awakening is known as “ego death”. This is when your sense of self dissolves. When your ego dies, your body doesn’t die. Rather “you” merge with everything in existence. You become one with the universe in ego death. Many psychedelic users report using DMT, LSD, and shrooms can cause ego death. 2. Kundalini Awakening One of the most intense forms of spiritual awakening is a kundalini awakening. A kundalini awakening is when divine energy gets activated in your body. This usually begins from sacral chakra and shoots its way up the body. I had a kundalini in early 2023 and it can really be a wild ride! After kundalini energy is awakened in your body your awareness will be more sensitive and you will want to live your life more in alignment with your highest self. 3. Divine Love Awakening Another cool awakening you can have is awakening to divine love. Others call this awakening to infinite love. This awakening occurs when you break into a level of consciousness where love flows abundantly. This can be known as “blissing out”. Many yogis have been known to stay days and even weeks in these states of divine love without eating or drinking. Infinite Awakenings The truth is that you can’t begin to measure the amount of awakenings that are possible. Everyone will have their own unique experiences when it comes to spiritual awakening. There are so many facets of reality to discover. Every new profound insight and experience can be classified as a new type of awakening. The more you dive into consciousness and spiritual practice the more awakenings you will discover. How To Have More Awakenings If you’ve yet to have your first awakening you may be wondering how you can have one. Or perhaps you’ve had an awakening but don’t know what causes spiritual awakening or how to have another. Here’s how. 1. Intention is everything Setting your intention is more important than you may believe. Where focus goes energy flows, so make sure you set something to focus on. Do you really want to awaken? Why do you want to awaken? These are things you need to explore in yourself before you begin the process of raising your consciousness. Your intention will guide your experience and direction towards greater spiritual growth. 2. Continue seeking & learning Follow your excitement in spirituality. What interests you most? What teachers do you like to listen to? Continue learning about the aspects of awakening and spirituality that excite you the most. If you continue to follow your excitement and learn more and more you will find what you’re looking for eventually. This process of seeking and learning will lead you to the information and people that can help you awaken. 3. Spiritual practice & techniques There are certain practices and techniques spiritual seekers and yogis use to raise their consciousness and awaken to greater truth. Some of these practices include: The important thing is that you choose one that is most interesting to you and stick with it for a while. Don’t sample too many without giving it enough practice otherwise you won’t make progress. 4. Working with a guru The holy grail of the spiritual path is finding a truly enlightened guru. If you come across one of these rare people and learn from them, you will awaken. No question about it. Simply being in a gurus presence can be enough in some cases. However finding a spiritual mentor or guru can be tricky… > see my article “How To Find A Spiritual Mentor | Finding A True Guru” Conclusion As you journey down the spiritual path you will find that there are all kinds of awakenings you can have. Awakening is not just a one and done event, rather it is a continual process over the course of your life. There are a near infinite amount of insights and awakenings you can have. You can have more of these experiences by continually learning, practicing spiritual techniques, and working with enlightened individuals. Find out what stage of the awakening process you’re in. Take the free quiz here. Best of luck spiritual seeker!

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