Can You Have Multiple Spiritual Awakenings?

If you’re on the spiritual path and have had an awakening, you might be wondering how many awakenings you can have or if you can have more than one.

Is awakening a one and done event? Or is it something that can continually happen again and again?

The answer is that you can definitely have multiple spiritual awakenings. In fact, you can have a near infinite number of profound spiritual experiences on your spiritual journey.

The first awakening I ever had was realizing that I am not my body. I detached my sense of self from my body in that moment. A year later I had a profound kundalini awakening or an awakening of divine energy in my body.

I’m constantly having new spiritual insights and awakenings. The journey down the rabbit hole of awakening never ends! Which makes the journey all that much more fun.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is any profound experience that raises your consciousness and shifts your understanding of reality. They are moments of experiencing divine truth.

After a spiritual awakening your understanding of reality will change. These experiences are often described as intense, beautiful, and expansive.

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What Are The Different Types Of Spiritual Awakening?

There are all kinds of spiritual awakenings you can have. Most of these profound experiences don’t have a specific name, rather each awakening is its own unique thing.

There are a couple well documented types of spiritual awakening however.

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1. Death of The Ego

One form of spiritual awakening is known as “ego death”. This is when your sense of self dissolves.

When your ego dies, your body doesn’t die. Rather “you” merge with everything in existence. You become one with the universe in ego death.



Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your journey.

Many psychedelic users report using DMT, LSD, and shrooms can cause ego death.

2. Kundalini Awakening

One of the most intense forms of spiritual awakening is a kundalini awakening.

A kundalini awakening is when divine energy gets activated in your body. This usually begins from sacral chakra and shoots its way up the body.

I had a kundalini in early 2023 and it can really be a wild ride! After kundalini energy is awakened in your body your awareness will be more sensitive and you will want to live your life more in alignment with your highest self.

3. Divine Love Awakening

Another cool awakening you can have is awakening to divine love. Others call this awakening to infinite love.

This awakening occurs when you break into a level of consciousness where love flows abundantly. This can be known as “blissing out”. Many yogis have been known to stay days and even weeks in these states of divine love without eating or drinking.

Infinite Awakenings

The truth is that you can’t begin to measure the amount of awakenings that are possible. Everyone will have their own unique experiences when it comes to spiritual awakening.

There are so many facets of reality to discover. Every new profound insight and experience can be classified as a new type of awakening.

The more you dive into consciousness and spiritual practice the more awakenings you will discover.

How To Have More Awakenings

If you’ve yet to have your first awakening you may be wondering how you can have one. Or perhaps you’ve had an awakening but don’t know what causes spiritual awakening or how to have another.

Here’s how.

1. Intention is everything

Setting your intention is more important than you may believe. Where focus goes energy flows, so make sure you set something to focus on.

Do you really want to awaken? Why do you want to awaken? These are things you need to explore in yourself before you begin the process of raising your consciousness.

Your intention will guide your experience and direction towards greater spiritual growth.

2. Continue seeking & learning

Follow your excitement in spirituality. What interests you most? What teachers do you like to listen to?

Continue learning about the aspects of awakening and spirituality that excite you the most. If you continue to follow your excitement and learn more and more you will find what you’re looking for eventually.

This process of seeking and learning will lead you to the information and people that can help you awaken.

3. Spiritual practice & techniques

There are certain practices and techniques spiritual seekers and yogis use to raise their consciousness and awaken to greater truth.

Some of these practices include:

The important thing is that you choose one that is most interesting to you and stick with it for a while. Don’t sample too many without giving it enough practice otherwise you won’t make progress.

4. Working with a guru

The holy grail of the spiritual path is finding a truly enlightened guru. If you come across one of these rare people and learn from them, you will awaken. No question about it.

Simply being in a gurus presence can be enough in some cases. However finding a spiritual mentor or guru can be tricky…

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As you journey down the spiritual path you will find that there are all kinds of awakenings you can have. Awakening is not just a one and done event, rather it is a continual process over the course of your life. There are a near infinite amount of insights and awakenings you can have.

You can have more of these experiences by continually learning, practicing spiritual techniques, and working with enlightened individuals.

Find out what stage of the awakening process you’re in. Take the free quiz here.

Best of luck spiritual seeker!

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a meditation teacher, spiritual seeker, and founder of I’m glad you’re here! I founded Nurture Your Spirit because of my love of meditation, spirituality, and spiritual awakening.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

This quiz will take only 1 minute to complete

Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

This quiz will take only 1 minute to complete