What is Spiral Dynamics Stage Blue?

Stage blue is the fourth stage in spiral dynamics that comes after stage red but before stage orange.

Stage blue is known as the absolutist and is characterized by order, structure, and conformity.

Authority, Hierarchy, and Structure

Stage blue is a direct reaction to the previous stage red. This stage is focused on creating an organized lawful structure. A clear hierarchy is established in stage blue, and rank in that hierarchy is enforced and respected.

Individuals in a stage blue society accept their position in the greater structure without question. There is a deep loyalty to ones rank in the hierarchy and to whoever is above them in the chain of command.

The strict hierarchy allows for great societal advance as order reigns supreme.

“Us” Vs. “Them”

A sense of us versus them arises in stage blue, but on a much larger scale than in any of the previous stage. Individuals have a loyalty to one’s country, nation, or religion.

Stage blue is a team sport but on a mass scale. The hierarchy and structure of another nation is viewed as distinctly different from one’s own.

There’s a deep division between differing “teams” in stage blue. Think medieval conflicts of one nation versus another.

Outsiders are to be rejected in stage blue as they don’t reflect the value system that needs to be upheld of one’s own “team”.

Law Lovers

A strong sense of morality is established in stage blue. To enforce this new sense of morality and combat the reckless lawlessness of stage red, rules are created. There is a deep love of the law in stage blue.

The rules established in stage blue are seen as noble and good. People in stage blue have a strong sense of what is right and wrong.

When the rules are broken there is often a deep sense of shame that accompanies it in stage blue.


  • Military ranks
  • Dogmatic religions
  • Medieval kingdoms
  • Religious Republicans

Pros and Cons

Stage blue has its benefits and pitfalls just like any other spiral dynamic stage. Let’s check them out.

The Pros

Stage blue is often associated with law and order. There’s much less individual violence in stage blue compared to previous stages. Morality reigns in stage blue.

Much societal advance is facilitated in stage blue. The structure and hierarchy makes for a very efficient nation unit to develop. Grand visions can be created on a mass scale in stage blue due to this structure.

The Cons

Stage blue breeds dogmatism and group think, which can lead to intolerance for any new ideas that don’t fit in with the current structure of thinking.

Creativity is often stifled in stage blue as new and differing ideas are threatening to the established ideological structure.

Conformity is valued above individual innovation and diversity, leading to a lack of inventive ideas.

Wrapping Up

Stage blue is all about structure, rules, and a strong sense of group identity. Morality and hierarchy are deeply valued in this stage.

Conformity is what keeps it all together and allows for a greater national and religious identity to form before moving up into the next stage of spiral dynamics which is stage orange.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

This quiz will take only 1 minute to complete