What is Spiral Dynamics Stage Purple?

Stage purple is the second stage in the spiral dynamics model following stage beige but preceding stage red.

Stage purple is the stage of spiral dynamics focused on maintaining the survival of the group as well as community and bonding.

Those not in the tribe are immediately deemed dangerous, as tribe members are deemed safe. Sticking together is key in stage purple.

Welcome to The Tribe

The focus in stage purple is on tribal community. The tribe is in essence a family unit that sticks together. Everything is done for the benefit of the tribe.

Your individual needs and desires come second to the needs of the tribe. Purple individuals figure that there is safety in numbers. Though the previous stage beige also focused on survival, stage purple’s survival is now group oriented.

Group members will work together to keep everyone healthy, fed, and protected. Everyone has each other’s back in the tribe against whatever force comes upon them.

Magic, Rituals, and Tradition

Stage purple is the first to have a sense of spirituality. Tribes in this stage are often deeply enchanted with the superstitious and magical thinking.

The world and the environment is cryptic to the mind of a stage purple. The best way they can make sense of this mysterious world is through magical and mystical thinking.

You’ll often find this stage enthralled in magical rituals, chants, and behaviors. Stage purple individuals believe in the greater power and influence of spirits, gods, ghosts, and other mystical characters.

Need help with a fruitful hunt? A sacrifice to the spirits should do the trick…

Fear of The Unknown and “Other”

Stage purple has a very limited perspective on the world. There is a very black and white way of thinking about what is safe and what is potentially dangerous to stage purple.

What is in the tribal community is considered safe and good. Outsiders and other tribes are looked at with great suspicion.

Stage purple individuals will often be scared of unknown or new things. Sticking with what the tribe already knows is safe is best to stage purple. If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right?

Stage Purple Examples

Though you might think stage purple is ancient history, there are plenty of present day examples as well. Here are some examples:

  • Native tribes
  • Family units (especially at young ages)
  • Medieval clans
  • Close knit communities

The most classic examples of stage purple are the indigenous tribes of Africa or the Amazon. More examples can be found here.

Most humans in today’s society only stay in stage purple for a few years until moving on to stage red in later childhood or adolescence.

Wrapping up

Stage purple is all about creating community and fostering safety and comfort within the group. The group is safe and its traditions of several generations is welcomed with warm open arms.

If beige is focused on survival of the individual, purple is focused on the survival of the tribe. Individual wants are set aside for the greater good of the whole in this stage.

Since “others” are deemed scary and the world is mysterious to purple individuals, the group and their magical rituals offer safety and comfort.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

This quiz will take only 1 minute to complete