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Do you wish you could Accelerate Your Personal & SPiritual Growth?

Just as the great Mystics, Zen masters, Yogis, and Gnostics of the past could tap into greater consciousness, you have this same ability inside of YOU… just WAITING to be awakened.

In order to raise your consciousness and seize control over the life of your dreams you must let go and release hindering emotions, thought patterns, and inner conflicts that are keeping you stuck in a constant low vibrational state.

In 1-on-1 coaching, I teach and lead you through tried and true methods of dissolving inhibiting emotions while raising your level of awareness at the same time.

I will teach you techniques that will enable you to make break throughs in consciousness and increase your everyday baseline level of awareness and happiness.

Slowly you will start to release more and more of your limiting factors, raising your consciousness along the way.

Until eventually, you let go of the ultimate limiting factor… your ego.

My Methods

What can you expect from a session?

Most sessions end with you:

– feeling at peace and having greater clarity


– Having reached a transcendent state of mind

However, in cases of deep trauma multiple sessions may be necessary to process and release a limiting factor from your mind.

You can expect an emotionally safe atmosphere and complete confidentiality. A 1-on-1 session is meant to be a space of honesty, healing, and growth.

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