7 Easy Ways To Nurture Your Spirit

So, you want to nurture your spirit and grow that divine part of you but you’ve run out of ideas. When you hit spiritual roadblocks it may be time to try a new practice to continue your spiritual growth.

Here are 7 practices you may want to instill in your life to reignite your spiritual growth.

7 easy ways to nurture your spirit

1. Practice mindfulness

My favorite practice for spiritual growth is simply mindfulness. I love mindfulness because you can bring it into just about anything you’re doing.

Have to walk the dog? Or clean the dishes? Bring some mindfulness into it and it now becomes your spiritual practice.

When you’re bringing yourself in the present moment you are nurturing your spirit. Becoming aware of whatever it is you’re doing will feel infinitely better than doing it unconsciously.

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2. Spend time in nature

Nothing fills my spirit more than taking quality time in nature. Living near a park or somewhere with nature is so important to my well being.

Living in the modern world we can get disconnected from our roots and the Earth. Getting outdoors will reconnect and ground you.

Getting outside and simply walking around is a great spiritual practice for people who need to ground themselves. If you’re feeling anxious and too “high off the ground” spiritually, outside time will be great for grounding you.

3. Spiritual journaling

Try establishing a practice of writing down your spiritual growth, insights, and thoughts throughout the week. Take a few days and establish a journaling habit. This will have many benefits on your spiritual growth.

Journaling allows you to see patterns in your consciousness and life that you might not have seen before. Writing down the things that happen in your brain and life will help you have more insights into your spiritual growth.

Journaling is also awesome for looking back at where you were in the past. How do you know how much you’ve grown if you don’t remember where you were in your journey last year at this time?

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4. Try chanting a mantra

Mantras have been used by many spiritual traditions all over the world for communing with the divine and nurturing the spirit. Chanting a mantra has many spiritual benefits and purposes.

Chanting a mantra has been proven to relax the mind and release stress from the body.

Chanting can be a way to ground your awareness and foster mindfulness through the power of sound.

Certain mantras are said to help you commune with God and merge with divine love and consciousness (such as the hare krishna mantra).

5. Start a meditation habit

Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned meditation. It is the most ancient and straight forward spiritual practice there is. Taking time to come fully into the present moment and experience what is happening here now.

Establishing a habit of meditation will give you the most growth and benefits. Meditation not only helps us relax the mind, but also helps us nurture our spirit. Clearing the mind is one way to foster our spirit.

If a meditation habit seems a bit daunting try starting with just 5 or 10 minutes at the beginning or end of your day.

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6. Practice Yoga

You can take the meaning of Yoga one of two ways:

1. Yoga as in the ancient techniques and philosophies practiced by Indian Sages to attain enlightenment.


2. Yoga as in the body postures and stretches practiced in the West.

Either one of these interpretations of yogic practice will be sure to spice up your spiritual routine. Be warned though, there are dozens of different yogic philosophies each with different teachings and practices. It can get a little overwhelming!

7. Listen to your favorite spiritual teacher

If you’re really feeling tired and lazy, nothing beats listening to a Ram Dass or Alan Watts lecture on YouTube. Whoever your favorite spiritual teacher is, taking some time to learn the philosophy can do a lot of good for your spirit.

I consistently find myself having new insights after listening to lecture or clip of my favorite guru. (My favorite is Ram Dass)


There are so many ways to nurture your spirit. In fact there are nearly infinite ways for you to do spiritual practice. Try out a few of these ideas and most importantly listen to your heart and intuition. If one of these practices feels better for you than another, go with that for a while until you’re ready to try something else. Best of luck on your spiritual journey!

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a meditation teacher, spiritual seeker, and founder of nurtureyourspirit.org. I’m glad you’re here! I founded Nurture Your Spirit because of my love of meditation, spirituality, and spiritual awakening.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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