Blue Ray Starseed Traits, Origin, & Purpose

Blue Ray starseeds are some of the most intriguing and misunderstood starseeds in existence.

These starseeds get their name “Blue Ray” for their dominant vibration. They vibrate at the level of Blue Rays on the light spectrum.

That is to say they emanate a blue aura, often associated with highly wise beings.

These are spiritually advanced beings who have incarnated on Earth to help raise humanity’s vibration and to assist in the shift in consciousness at this time.

Blue Ray Origin

Blue Rays aren’t from anywhere specifically, though they have often been associated with the Sirius star system.

Blue Rays can be from anywhere as long as their dominant frequency is that of blue light energy.

These souls might not be from somewhere in the physical universe, but rather from somewhere in the vibrational energetic spectrum.



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Blue Ray Characteristics

The high vibrational nature of Blue Rays allows them certain abilities and gives them particular characteristics that other starseeds might not have.

Incredibly sensitive

Blue Rays are incredibly sensitive beings. They are able to pick up on subtle energies. At the same time, this sensitivity can lead to feeling overwhelmed at times.

Their heightened sensitivity allows for their incredible intuitive nature to shine. Blue rays are able to access realms that are not usually accessible on this plane of reality due to how subtle and high vibration they can be.

Profound wisdom

The Blue Rays nature allows these souls to tap into high frequency knowledge and wisdom not accessible to most of humanity.

Being highly senstive allows them to tap into hidden wisdom found in the mundane and ordinary. Blue Rays are some of the most wise beings on Earth today.


No surprise here, Blue Rays’ high sensitivity make them incredible empaths. These beings are able to pick up on subtle emotions in other individuals and feel it for themselves.

This makes Blue Rays great healers. This ability to tune into emotional traumas and hurts is what allows them to heal and transmute the darkness of humanity.

Negative Energy Magnets

Because of Blue Rays’ alchemical and healing nature, these beings seem to find themselves as beacons of light among a field of darkness.

Their aura attracts negative and dark energy for the simple reason of transmuting it into higher vibrational energy. This once again makes them great healers.

Though this can at times feel overwhelming, as they never seem to be able to tune out the negative energy around them. They’re just to sensitive to it!

Blue Rays’ Purpose

Blue Ray’s fundamental purpose for incarnating on Earth is to aid in Global healing through alchemy.

This means that Blue Rays are responsible to finding, healing, and transforming the darkest aspects of the 3rd dimension.

This can lead Blue Rays to having difficult life experiences as their very nature of being on Earth at this time is to transmute the darkest and densest parts of life in the third dimension into high vibrational light.

Blue Rays’ energy makeup are uniquely capable of handling and transmuting incredibly painful and hard to handle experiences.



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Wrapping up

Blue Rays are incredibly sensitive and wise beings. Their nature is high vibrational, vibrating at the blue light frequency. These beings are here on Earth to help transmute the darkest parts of humanity through divine alchemy. Fundamentally, Blue Ryas use their high vibrational and sensitive nature to heal humanity and awaken its Christ Consciousness for the New Earth.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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