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Hello you beautiful souls and starseeds 🙂 today we are discussing the Hadarian starseed.

Hadarians are souls who are from the planet Hadar in Beta Centauri and have incarnated on Earth.

These starseeds’ energetic signature is an extremely loving one. So loving in fact that they may struggle with life on Earth.

You see, we on the 3D realm on Earth aren’t unconditionally loving, while on Hadar beings are unconditionally loving by nature.

Hadarians will pretty often be dissatisfied with the conditional love expressed here on Earth and would rather be able to express their love freely without bounds.

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Hadarian Traits

The core feature of a Hadarian is their unconditional love. These beings come into the world ready to love and be loved unconditionally.

If you’re a Hadarian you’re a natural fountain of love energy, radiating out to those around you.

In other words, Hadarians are extremely heart centered beings.

Of course, being this heart centered will have its challenges which we’ll discuss later…

Being so heart centered leads Hadarians to be great empaths. They can tune into the wants and needs of people around them very easily.

Their empathic nature stems from their vibration of unconditional love. This can manifest as a desire to help others and comfort those in pain and loss.

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Purpose On Earth

Hadarians decided to come down from their high vibrational realm on Hadar into 3D life on Earth for the specific purpose of helping the ascension process.

Their entire purpose is to raise the vibration of Earth at this time through their unconditional love.

Hadarian souls give love where others struggle to give love. They point out where we have placed conditions on love.

For example, many humans on Earth at this time still have a problem with same sex relationships. On Hadar love always takes precedence and any limitations on that love simply don’t exist. Hadarians on Earth will likely support the expansion of love in all forms and challenge the beliefs of those who want to limit it in any way.



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Hadarians Struggles

If you’re a Hadarian you likely struggle with boundaries. Though unconditional love is the highest form of love, as a relative being on Earth you will need to learn when to say “no” to people.

If you’re unconditionally loving by nature, you may be walked on like a doormat. It’s important that Hadarians learn boundaries in unhealthy and codependent relationships on Earth.

Hadarians might also be easily manipulated and controlled. Their incredibly loving nature can be used against them by people who feign a need for help.

This always loving nature can land Hadarians in trouble in relationships especially. As you give and give to relationships, you might be perceived as “needy” or “too much”. Your love might be too strong for the average person living in the 3D.

This perception of being overwhelmingly loving can be mistaken for being overly emotional leading to abandonment by naturally avoidant personality types.

Many of the struggles of Hadarians arises from their transition from a higher dimensional existence to a denser 3 dimensional existence.

Hadarians are also known for being a bit impatient. This impatience stems from their higher dimensional origin. You see, manifestation happens much more easily in higher vibrational realms. So when Hadarians incarnate on Earth, they are partially expecting things to work as quick as they used to on Hadar. This can be frustrating for Hadarians and lead to the trap of seeking instant gratification.

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Wrapping up

Hadarian starseeds are souls who have incarnated on Earth from the higher dimensional planet of Hadar. These beings are heart centered and unconditionally loving. Hadarian souls are here on Earth at this time to assist in the vibrational shift to the New Earth. Though coming from a higher dimension can cause Hadarians a lot unique struggles on Earth which can lead to much frustration.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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