15 Starseed Types Explained (Ultimate List)

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite belong on Earth? Is your soul pulled towards a connection to something beyond this world?

If so, it’s possible you might be a starseed.

Different types of starseeds have different soul origins. Each of these galactic origins have specific spiritual effects on your soul here on Earth.

Today, we’ll be looking at the 15 most common types of starseeds.

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What Are Starseeds?

Starseeds are people with an extraterrestrial soul incarnated in a human body.

The idea of starseeds originated from Dolores Cannon’s work with contacting higher intelligences through deep hypnotherapy. In these deep hypnotherapy sessions she was told that some souls on Earth are here as volunteers to help the planet at this particular time.



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Many of these soul volunteers come from higher dimensions and other galactic origins. These souls are known as starseeds.

Starseeds often have special spiritual purposes on Earth at this time and have particular identifying traits.

Are you a starseed?

Every Type of Starseed

Lyran Starseed

Lyran starseeds are often first wave souls who came to Earth to help the beginning of the transition into the New Earth. They are old souls who have come from the Lyra constellation to aid Earth.

Origin: Lyrans are souls from the Constellation Lyra known for it’s bright star Vega.

Characteristics: Lyran starseeds are intelligent, graceful, and determined leaders. They tend to be quiet observers who are not overly social but possess a strong sense of purpose. Lyrans are drawn to cats due to their past association with feline beings.

Purpose: Lyran starseeds are here to uplift humanity’s consciousness through innovation and leadership. They may be drawn to careers in science, engineering, education, or any field that allows them to share their knowledge and inspire progress.

Sirian Starseed

Sirian starseeds originate from the Sirius star system, specifically the Canis Major constellation. They are known for a fiery passion and strong leadership.

Origin: Sirian starseeds originate from the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius.

Characteristics: Sirians are natural leaders who are confident, assertive, and sometimes impatient. They are known for their protective instincts. For this reason Sirians may be drawn to law enforcement, the military, or any role that allows them to help others.

Purpose: Sirians are here to help uplift humanity’s consciousness. They often work towards creating a more just and sustainable world. Sirians are also said to possess a strong healing energy and may be drawn to careers in medicine, therapy, or alternative healing practices.



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Arcturian Starseed

Arcturian starseeds originate from the Arcturus star system. They are known for their compassion, wisdom, and healing abilities.

Origin: The Arcturus star system, specifically the Boötes constellation.

Characteristics: Arcturian starseeds are often empaths with a deep capacity for love and compassion. They are intuitive and possess healing abilities. Arcturians also have a natural knack for energy work. Arcturians tend to be drawn to nature and may feel a strong connection to the healing arts and environmentalism

Purpose: Arcturians are here as peacekeepers and healers. Although all starseeds aid in the expansion of consciousness, Arcturians specifically have a focus on the expansion of love energy for a more harmonious world.

Pleiadian Starseed

Pleiadian starseeds originate from the Pleiades star cluster. They are known for their creativity and gentle nature.

Origin: Pleiadians are souls from the Pleiades cluster (also known as the Seven Sisters) in the Taurus constellation.

Characteristics: Pleiadian starseeds are creative and intuitive. They are often drawn to spiritual exploration and creative expression. Pleiadians can be peacemakers and have a natural ability to connect on a deep level. These starseeds can also be characterized by their gentle feminine nature.

Purpose: The innate purpose of Pleiadians is to uplift humanity’s consciousness through artistic expression, scientific exploration, and the promotion of peace and love.

Andromedan Starseed

Andromedan starseeds originate from the next closest spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way. They are known for their advanced knowledge and desire for innovation.

Origin: Andromedan galaxy (just next to the Milky Way)

Characteristics: Andromedan starseeds are often described as intelligent, analytical, and problem-solving. They have a strong interest in science and technology. Andromedans are innovative thinkers and enjoy exploring new ideas. These starseeds can daydream and philosophize all day long. Many Andromedans have a deep fascination with the universe itself.

Purpose: Andromedan starseeds are here to share their knowledge and inspire humanity to embrace progress and innovation. This may manifest as taking part in actual research and innovation or simply by challenging norms to pave the way for humanity’s future possibilities.

Orion Starseed

Orion starseeds originate from the Orion constellation. They are known for their leadership qualities and adventurous spirit.

Origin: Orion starseeds come from the stars Betelgeuse and Rigel from the Orion constellation.

Characteristics: Orion starseeds are independent, strong-willed, and natural leaders. These souls possess a deep sense of purpose and drive to make a difference in the world. These types can be incredibly protective of those they care about.

Purpose: Orion starseeds incarnated on Earth to push the boundaries of humanity and lead it into the New Earth. Fundamentally, they guide and protect humanity.

Mintakan Starseed

Mintakan starseeds originate from the Mintaka star. They are characterized by their upbeat nature, connection to water, and intuitive wisdom.

Origin: Mintakan souls come from a specific star (Mintaka) which is part of the Orion constellation belt.

Characteristics: Mintakan starseeds are optimistic, empathetic, and drawn to water. These souls love spending time near the ocean, or anything connected to water. Mintakans are known for their intuition and inner wisdom. They are natural healers and have a calming presence that uplifts those around them.

Purpose: You are an original lightworker, helping guide humanity into a more harmonious age. Fundamentally, your positive energy and intuitive wisdom is your greatest gift to the world.

Blue Avian Starseed

Blue avian starseeds are high-vibrational beings originating from higher dimensions. They are often depicted as humanoid with beautiful blue feathers, symbolizing their connection to the celestial realm and purity of energy.

Origin: Unlike most starseeds, blue avians come from higher planes of existence. Instead of originating from a physical location in space, they exist outside the limitations of 3D reality.

Characteristics: Blue avian starseeds are highly intuitive and have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. They may possess psychic abilities like clairsentience and have a deep understanding of universal energies. Blue avians are drawn to alternative healing practices, lightwork, and helping others awaken to their higher potential.

Purpose: At their core, blue avians are here to directly help us awaken. Blue avian starseeds are here to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution helping us access deeper truths and raise our collective vibration.

Indigo Children

Indigo children are souls from the third wave coming to help usher humanity into the new earth.

Origin: This isn’t a particular starseed type, but rather a description of a group of advanced souls in the younger generation. Indigo children may be any starseed type on this list.

Characteristics: These souls are often younger individuals with a strong sense of independence and purpose in the world. These souls are very comfortable on Earth and desire to live a high vibrational lifestyle.

Purpose: Indigo children are here to usher in a new era of consciousness and positive change for humanity.

Polarian Starseed

Polarian starseeds were among the first extraterrestrial souls to incarnate on Earth and originate from higher dimensions.

Origin: Unlike many starseeds associated with specific star systems, Polarians come from pure consciousness or even pre-existence before taking physical form on Earth.

Characteristics: Polarians are often described as empathic, peaceful, and drawn to understanding the human experience. Polarians are natural peacemakers and mediators. Polarians are also some of the most spiritually advanced souls on the planet.

Purpose: Like many other starseeds, Polarian are here to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution by promoting peace and compassion.

Learn more about the Polarian starseed here.

Draconian Starseed

Draconian starseeds are a controversial category, often embodying reptilian like characteristics.

Origin: Draconians originate for the constellation Draco.

Characteristics: Draconians have strong leadership qualities, high intelligence, and a desire for control.

Purpose: The purpose of Draconian starseeds is a highly debated subject. Some believe they are here to guide humanity towards a new era of leadership and advancement. Others fear they are manipulative and hold a hidden agenda.

Venusian Starseed

Venusian starseeds originate from the planet Venus and are known for their beauty. Venusians are associated with love, art, and sensuality.

Origin: Venusian souls as you might have guessed originate from the planet Venus.

Characteristics: Venusian starseeds are compassionate, artistic, and drawn to beauty in all its forms. They also possess a strong sense of empathy and a desire to create a more loving and beautiful world.

Purpose: Venusian starseeds are here to uplift humanity’s consciousness through love, art, and diplomacy.

Learn more about the Venusian starseed here.

Hadarian Starseed

Hadarians, originating from planet Hadar, are known for their unconditional love and desire for deep connection.

Origin: Hadarian starseeds originate from the planet Hadar in the Beta Centauri system.

Characteristics: Hadarian starseeds are highly empathetic, compassionate, and drawn to forming deep connections with others. Hadarians make natural healers and caregivers. They might struggle with codependency in relationships due to this nature.

Purpose: Hadarians are here on Earth to help humanity live in their heart center as we evolve into the New Earth.

Learn more about the Hadarian starseed here.

Lemurian Starseed

Lemurian starseeds are believed to originate from the lost civilization of Lemuria. Lemurians are nature lovers with a strong connection to the Earth.

Origin: Lemurians are souls who have reincarnated from the advanced land of Lemuria once existing in the Pacific Ocean.

Characteristics: Lemurians possess a deep sense of nostalgia for a lost paradise and a desire to create a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature. Lemurians are drawn to anything that allows them to connect with the Earth’s energy.

Purpose: Lemurian starseeds are here to help humanity reconnect with nature, heal the planet, and revive the wisdom of their lost civilization.

Learn more about the Lemurian starseed here.

Blue Ray Starseed

Blue ray starseeds are highly sensitive souls with a strong connection to the spiritual realm. They emanate an aura of blue divine light.

Origin: Blue ray starseeds may come from any planet or dimensions known for their high frequency (the frequency of blue light.

Characteristics: These types are incredibly intuitive and may even have clairsentient abilities. Blue rays can be deeply affected by negativity and often seek out peaceful and harmonious environments.

Purpose: Similar to Polarians and Blue Avians, Blue Rays’ purpose is to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution and ascension. Fundamentally, their purpose to transmute the darkest aspects of the 3rd dimension into divine light energy.

Learn more about the Blue Ray starseed here.

Wrapping up

Because the cosmos are infinitely vast, it’s possible you may never truly know your past life origin. However, wherever you’re originally from does indeed have an impact on your purpose here on Earth and spiritual characteristics.

Best of luck on your spiritual journey starseed!

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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