How To Find A Spiritually Awakened Partner

Finding a good partner in today’s dating pool is tough. On top of all of the other qualities you might be looking for (good looks, kindness, authenticity) you also want someone who is spiritually developed.

But finding an awakened and conscious partner is no easy feat. This is because there are simply very few people who are on the path towards spiritual growth and awakening.

So how do we go about finding a spiritually developed partner?

Luckily, there is hope. Let’s dive into how you can find your spiritual honey.

How To Find a spiritually awakened partner

1. Meeting through spiritual retreats & events

If you’re a more hands on kind of person and want to take your destiny into your own hands you can go out of your way to attend spiritual retreats and events.

Where do you think you’re going to run into more spiritually conscious people? That’s probably where you want to start looking.

Attending meditation, yoga, or awakening retreats you will be surrounded by people pursuing spirituality. Make an effort to schedule a few of these types of things every year so you can meet these types of people.

You can find spiritual events in your city or country by searching or by doing a simple google search. You might be surprised how many events show up!

There are other events and organizations that will have more spiritually developed people such as Psychedelic Societies in your home city. You can also try going to a local ISKCON temple or Zen center.

Try attending local meditation and yoga classes. You’ll be much more likely to meet spiritually conscious people there than randomly at the grocery store.

2. Spiritual dating sites

Another way to get directly into the spiritual dating pool to meet an awakened partner is through online dating.

There are several dating sites that have been specifically made for people like you.

Online dating isn’t just for the regular unconscious people of the world. is a site exclusively for people who are spiritual and conscious.

The age demographics for is a bit older, so this site is ideal if you’re someone who’s 30+ searching for a partner. There are very few members younger than 30 on the site.

Another benefit is that is part of the Conscious Dating Network which means you’ll also be matched with people from other spiritual dating sites like

This site is great for all nationalities but has a greater number of international users, so if you’re outside the US you may want to try

If you’re on the younger side and want to try online dating to find a partner on the spiritual path then is perfect.

Meet mindful is for people who want genuine connections, are interested in a mindful way of life, and are more in tune with spirituality.

Around 78% of users are from the US, there are more female users than male users on meet mindful, and most users are between 25-34 years of age. Use those statistics as you will to help make your decision.

3. Manifest them

Another option is to manifest your partner into your life. No really…

We won’t get too woo woo crazy about it but let’s talk about how to manifest your spiritual partner in concrete and understandable terms:

The first step in this process of manifesting your ideal partner is setting an intention of finding your ideal partner. You need to get serious about finding that perfect mate and put that intention out into the universe.

The second step is to get clear on what it is you want. Get specific about what kind of partner you want. Write it down, what is everything you want in your awakened partner. When we get clear on what we want we’ll start to see it better when it actually shows up in our life.

The third step to manifesting your spiritual dream partner is to live with the belief that your soulmate is coming. You can enhance this step using visualizations of what it will be like to have found that partner.

The fourth step is to act as if it is coming. Take the actions in life as if you know that the future you want IS coming. Do the inner work to be the best partner. Prepare yourself for the future knowing your partner is coming into your life.

The final step is to surrender. Give up control and let the universe do the rest. Let go of how or when it will happen while simply knowing that that person you desire is coming into your life.

4. Let go and trust the universe

The last thing I’d suggest is sending an intention of what you want into the universe and letting go completely.

My most profound experiences in life occur when I simply surrender. Though you may be in a hurry or feel anxious to find that perfect spiritual partner, it’s best to be patient and allow them to come to you at the universe’s pace.

In the grand scheme of things the things that are meant for you will come to you and the things that aren’t won’t. Trust that the universe will provide you with what you need when you need it.

If you’ve been struggling to find someone for a while, maybe that’s a sign for you to surrender. You’d be surprised what might happen.

Worrying That A partner Isn’t “spiritual enough”

You might also have a worry that a current partner or prospective partner isn’t spiritual enough. I know I’ve worried about that in my past relationships.

Though having a partner who is on the same page spiritually is great, it isn’t necessary for your journey to awakening. Your journey is deeply personal and not reliant on having a spiritual partner.

The important thing is finding a partner who respects your passion for spiritual growth and awakening. If they don’t share that same passion that doesn’t mean the relationship is wrong for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about a current or potential partner if you’re a highly spiritual/ conscious person.

Does this person value spirituality?

Does this person respect my spiritual path towards awakening?

Is spirituality a value that my partner must share with me?

Determine for yourself what exactly you want from a partner and if a shared value of spiritual growth is a “must” or not.


Finding a partner who is on a similar spiritual level is such a difficult and tricky thing. Everyone is on their own path and journey, and most people in the world aren’t concerned with spiritual growth. However, there are many ways to meet people who value awakening and spiritual growth including attending spiritual events and using dating sites dedicated to spiritual people like you.

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a meditation teacher, spiritual seeker, and founder of I’m glad you’re here! I founded Nurture Your Spirit because of my love of meditation, spirituality, and spiritual awakening.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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