The Lemurian Starseed (Ultimate Guide)

What if you’re not just a starseed but an Earth-seed? If your most recent prior incarnation was in Lemuria, you would still be considered a starseed even though Lemuria was once a civilization on Earth.

Lemuria was a spiritually advanced civilization once thriving on Earth many thousands of years ago.

If you’re a Lemurian starseed you likely have a strong connection to the Earth, stronger than other starseed types. You are here on Earth at this time assist in the ascension to the New Earth by fostering peace, healing, and recreating the ideals of Lemuria.

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Lemurian Origins

Lemurian starseeds actually originate from an ancient era of Earth. Lemurian starseed’s last incarnation was during the Atlantean and Lemurian domination of the Earth.

Lemuria existed on a subcontinent called Mu that is guessed to have existed in the middle of the now Pacific Ocean.

Lemuria is hypothesized to have existed roughly 10,000 years ago. This ancient civilization is known for its technological advancement and spiritual development (with abilities like astral travel, telepathy, and more).



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Where was Lemuria?

Modern day geologists deny the possibility of an entire continent being submerged in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But this doesn’t mean it never existed.

First and foremost, the idea of Mu as a continent is separate from the idea of Lemuria as an advanced civilization. Lemuria might have existed somewhere completely different than where we think.

For example roughly 10,000 years ago during the last ice age there was a huge subcontinent between the Indian and Pacific oceans that is now submerged underwater.

This would explain the lack of evidence if their civilization was buried under thousands of years of sea floor sediment.

What happened to the Lemurians?

If the Lemurians were so advanced what happened to them?

The end of Lemuria is shrouded in mystery. A possible explanation lays in climatic warming and sea level rise over the last thousands of years.

There are scenarios in which the glacial ice sheets from the last ice age (a little over 10,000 years ago) melted very quickly, flooded, and sunk the subcontinent that Lemuria sat on.

Where did the Lemurians go if they were displaced? Some say Asia while others say Egypt. There’s no real way to know.

Signs You’re a Lemurian

1. You’re drawn to the Pacific Ocean

If you feel a sense of connection with the Pacific ocean or the Pacific region of the world you may be a Lemurian. This was where Lemuria once was, so Lemurian starseeds often have a sense of connection to the Earth region.

2. You’re drawn to crystals

Lemurians were very familiar with crystal technology and their spiritual uses. If you find yourself adept with using crystals for energy work and healing you may be a Lemurian starseed.

3. You’re highly spiritual

The ancient Lemurians were incredibly spiritual people. This civilization had a deep spiritual tradition and incredibly advanced souls. If you’re a highly spiritual being you may resonate with the Lemurians.



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Lemurian Starseed’s Purpose

If you’re a Lemurian starseed incarnated on Earth today, you are here for a specific purpose. You are here to help humanity shift into a higher state of consciousness.

Your past life has prepared you well with spiritual gifts. You have a unique ability to tune into higher consciousness and access divinity.

Specifically Lemurians are here to help heal humanity and foster peace.

Your connection to the Earth is also part of your purpose. Lemurian starseeds help protect and nurture the Earth, often with a desire to grow and cultivate plants and food.

Struggles of Lemurian Starseeds

Being so in tune with your higher self Lemurian starseeds have lots of psychic abilities. Though this is great for aiding humanity’s ascension, it can lead to psychic overload. You may find yourself feeling more emotional and struggle with handling very negative emotions.

It’s important for Lemurians to stay grounded and with nature. Lemurians in their past faced a struggle between nurturing the Earth and fostering technological advancement. Some think this conflict is what ended their civilization.

As a Lemurian starseed make sure you stay grounded and nurture your Earthly instincts. Take time outside to recharge when feeling overwhelmed.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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