Are You A Venusian Starseed? Traits, Struggles, & Purpose

Is it possible that other planets in our own solar system hold life? Yes, in fact Venus holds life in higher dimensions which we cannot see in our 3rd dimension.

What if your last incarnation was from the planet Venus? It’s entirely possible if you’re a Venusian starseed incarnated on Earth.

Venusians are beings living in higher dimensions on the planet Venus of our solar system. Venusian starseeds are humans on Earth whose last incarnation was on the planet Venus.

These starseeds are known for their sensuality and passion.

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Venusian Starseed Characteristics

Venusians are extremely sensual individuals. This can manifest as being flirtatious, touchy, and charming. These starseeds love to love and tap into their sensuality.

Venusian starseeds are likely tall, curvy, and very attractive individuals. This is why Venusians are often associated with the greek goddess Aphrodite and the Egyptian goddess Hathor.



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Venusians can also be recognized for their polarizing gender identities on Earth. Female Venusian starseeds are very feminine beings while male Venusian starseeds are very masculine beings.

Despite a playful and sensual demeanor, these souls are incredibly wise. Coming from a higher dimensional planet allows these starseeds to tap into their crown and third eye chakra quite easily.

Venusian Starseed’s Purpose

Like other starseeds, Venusians have incarnated on Earth at this time to aid in the ascension process. As humanity and planet Earth are shifting upwards in consciousness, Venusians are helping to guide the way.

These souls are here to bring their high vibrational energy and Venusian qualities to Earth. This can take many forms such as healing, teaching, or leading by example.

Venusian Starseed Struggles

Venusian starseeds can be very spiritual beings sometimes to a fault. Venusians can get so high in vibration that they need to ground back into their reality.

Venusians can find themselves overcharging their upper chakras, living in their third eye and crown chakras more than they should. It’s important for Venusians to keep a balance with their lower chakras and to stay grounded.



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Because Venusians aren’t used to Earth, they might feel misplaced or like they don’t fit in. If you’re a Venusian you might feel a longing for a home other than Earth and feel a bit lonely here.

Wrapping up

Overall Venusians starseeds are beings who have incarnated on Earth at this time to assist in the raising of consciousness. They are recognized for their sensual and loving nature, as well as being very attractive. These beings have very activated third eyes and therefore should practice grounding to balance their lower chakras with their highly active upper chakras.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

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