What is The Qabalistic Cross? (Beginning of The LBRP)

The Qabalistic Cross (also known as the Kabalistic Cross) is part of a broader ritual known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). It’s a practice that originated within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an organization that paved the Western magical tradition.

The Qabalistic Cross is essentially a visualization exercise used to expand your consciousness and bring divine light into your being.

Before we begin, I want to preface the power of this visualization. This exercise is something to be taken seriously, and not played around with. Only do this if you’re ready to bring powerful divine energy into your body. Seriously…

How to do the Qabalistic Cross

The Qabalistic Cross serves as both the beginning and end of the LBRP. It’s a way to center and ground oneself, aligning with the cosmic forces and bring divine energy into your being. Take your time with each step. Let’s break it down:

  1. Stand Tall and Breath Deeply: You start by standing up straight and taking a few deep breaths. With each breath in you’re going to imagine your body expanding. It’s important to visualize this and imagine the feeling of expansion. Do this until you visualize yourself above the entire universe.
  2. Connecting With Divine Light: Visualize a ball of infinite divine light and energy just above your head at the top of the universe. Bring one hand up with two fingers out to touch the ball of light above you.
  3. Touch Your Forehead: Bring a beam of light coming down from the infinite universe and touch your forehead. Some people like to chant or hum, “Ateh,” meaning “Thou art.” You can imagine your third eye vibrating as this energy beams through the top of your head.
  4. Touch Your Chest: Moving your hand to your chest, you imagine the light continuing down through your body saying “Malkuth,” meaning “The Kingdom.” Imagine this light shooting down below you for infinity.
  5. Touch Your Right Shoulder: As your hand moves to the right shoulder, you visualize the light spreading horizontally through your arms, saying “ve-Geburah,” which means “and the Power.” Imagine this light carrying on forever to the right.
  6. Touch Your Left Shoulder: Bringing your hand to your left shoulder, you continue the visualization, saying “ve-Gedulah,” or “and the Glory.” Once again imagining the light continuing on forever to the left of you.
  7. Completing The Visualization: Imagine yourself suspended by a cross of light going on infinitely in all directions. Finally, imagine a large ball of golden light pulsating in the center of the cross as you bring your hands together saying “Amen”. Breath deeply into this light energy penetrating your whole body.
  8. Steady Yourself: Finish by opening your eyes, pausing to feel centered, connected, and aligned with the universe.

What does the Qabalistic Cross do?

The Qabalistic Cross is an exercise that brings divine energy into your body. This can signals to your subconscious mind and higher self that you are ready to handle more divinity. Doing this exercise will expand your consciousness and fill you with spiritual energy.

This may look like:

  • A feeling of connection and empowerment
  • Spiritual alignment
  • Receiving spiritual “downloads”
  • Raising your vibration
  • Causing awakenings or breakthroughs in consciousness

This is why I prefaced the power of this technique at the beginning, because some individuals may not be ready for this kind of energy to be held in their body. Personally, doing the Qabalistic Cross caused a kundalini awakening in me.

Chanting Vs. Visualizing

Chanting the words of the ritual may be helpful for some, though it isn’t necessary.

The important part of the qabalistic cross is the visualization and feeling of the energy. Though saying the words associated with each step can help, in my experience it is not the important part.

Make sure you genuinely feel your body expanding during the first step and feel the energy vibrating and pulsating through your body with each next step. It’s the deep feelings you bring up that causes the real changes and consciousness shifts.

Make it your own

Once you do this ritual a few times, feel free to ditch what doesn’t work for you and keep what does. Fine tune the exercise to suite what feels best for you. You are your own best compass in spiritual work. Trust what your gut is telling you and focus on what feels right.


The Qabalistic Cross is an esoteric technique created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used to access divine energy and bring it into your being. It can create profound shifts in your consciousness and grow you spiritually. If you ever feel like you have brought too much energy into your being, stop the practice for a few days and let the energy settle down.

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a meditation teacher, spiritual seeker, and founder of nurtureyourspirit.org. I’m glad you’re here! I founded Nurture Your Spirit because of my love of meditation, spirituality, and spiritual awakening.

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Discover the 6 stages of awakening and find out where you are in your spiritual journey.

This quiz will take only 1 minute to complete