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How To Astral Project (In 4 Stages)
Astral projection intrigues the most curious spiritual seekers. It’s something I’ve practiced and worked with over my spiritual journey and can understand why you may want to explore it.You...
meditation vibrations
Body Vibrations During Meditation: Causes & Explanation
Vibrations, humming, tingles, and buzzing in the body are to be expected at different times on your meditative journey.I’ve experienced all kinds of strange energy in my body while meditating...
heart racing meditation
Why Is My Heart Racing During Meditation?
If you’ve experienced a racing heartbeat during meditation you know it’s not very pleasant. It can even be a bit of a scary experience. Why does this happen and can you even stop it?The...
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The 5 Best Ashrams In The United States
If you search Google maps for ashrams in the US, you’ll likely encounter a lot of low quality spiritual or retreat centers that cost thousands of dollars to attend.True ashrams will cost very...
spiritual awakening fatigue
Spiritual Fatigue: How To Overcome Exhaustion After Awakening
You started your spiritual journey to make your life fuller and more expansive, but for some reason all you feel is tired. This is not what you signed up for.Spiritual awakening can be taxing for many...

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