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The Simple Recipe For a Passionate Life
The ideal situation is if you can monetize your passion. Then your sole focus in life can be what makes you passionate. You will literally get paid for having a passionate life.
The Emotional Freedom Technique (2)
How to Use The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)
What is EFT?EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.The Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapeutic method developed by Gary Craig that releases emotional energy and trauma by tapping specific...
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Deep PEAT: What is Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence?
What is deep PEAT?PEAT stands for Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence. Deep PEAT is a therapeutic technique that can alleviate emotional conflicts and raise an individual’s conscious...
How To Find A Spiritual Mentor | Finding A True Guru
You want to dive more deeply into your awakening journey than ever before and YouTube videos can only get you so far. You need a spiritual mentor, but don't know where to find one...
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Spiral Dynamics: What Stage Are You At? (Quiz)
Take the free spiral dynamics test below to find out what stage you’re at.Spiral Dynamics is a theory & model created by Clare Graves Ph.D. that describes an individual’s or community’s...