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Vipassana Meditation: How To Do It
The greatest and oldest meditation technique for spiritual growth is vipassana meditation. The serious spiritual seeker will want to learn how to practice this type of meditation.What Is Vipassana Meditation?Vipassana...
Mindfulness Meditation: What It Is & How To Do It
The most basic form of meditation practice is simple mindfulness. Mindfulness is the core of all other types of meditation, so it’s important you master this skill before continuing on to other forms...
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How To Meditate For Spiritual Awakening
Meditation has long been held as an important practice for spiritual growth. The earliest known evidence of meditation used for spiritual enrichment is back in 1500 BCE from the Hindu Vedic literature.Spiritual...
What is Kundalini Awakening? (9 Signs & Symptoms)
Being able to awaken and harness your Kundalini has been a well sought after ability for spiritual seekers. Being able to understand Kundalini energy and what it can do for you can make a huge impact in...
Seeing Colors During Meditation? What It All Means
Have you noticed strange colors, visuals, or patterns during your meditation practice?During deep meditative sessions, you might start to see certain colors even though your eyes are closed. In fact,...

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