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lucid dreaming
Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming (How They're Related)
Astral projection and lucid dreaming seem like two very similar phenomena. Both experiences involve a sense of being in a non-physical world.However, astral projection and lucid dreaming differ in...
The Astral Plane (Lower, Middle, & Upper Astral Explained)
Understanding what the astral plane is and how it works is crucial to understanding your spiritual development.Today we’ll be discussing what the astral plane is and the various levels that make...
astral danger
Is Astral Projection Dangerous? (The Risks of Astral Travel)
So you’ve just finished hearing a horror story about astral projection, and now your hopes and dreams of astral travel are down the drain.But wait! What if I were to tell you astral travel isn’t...
astral projectin 1
How To Astral Project (In 4 Stages)
Astral projection intrigues the most curious spiritual seekers. It’s something I’ve practiced and worked with over my spiritual journey and can understand why you may want to explore it.You...
meditation vibrations
Body Vibrations During Meditation: Causes & Explanation
Vibrations, humming, tingles, and buzzing in the body are to be expected at different times on your meditative journey.I’ve experienced all kinds of strange energy in my body while meditating...

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